How to Create your own YouTube Channel and upload videos with these easy steps?

If the users have interest in creating their YouTube channel and want to entertain or educate the people through their videos then they can do it by just following some of the steps that are needed to create YouTube channel. These steps are easy and will enable the users to make their channel within no time.

How to create YouTube channel in YouTube?

  • First of all the users need to go to the YouTube page.
  • Then use your user name and password and sign in to YouTube.
  • Users then are required to sign in with that Google account which will be associated with Google.
  • Now the users need to select on their profile icon and then click on the settings that is at the left side of the page.
  • The users will then see an option of create a channel in the settings menu.
  • Here the users will be able to make their own individual channel or any business related channel according to their wish.
  • The users then need to name their channel and choose a category of it.
  • The various categories from which the users can choose are:
  • - brand
  • - organization or any company
  • - entertainment, sports
  • - other categories.
  • And hence, choose for your favorite channel and create it.

How to post our own Videos in channel ?

  1. First of all the users need to log in to their YouTube account with the user name and password.
  2. Then, the users need to select on the upload option that is at the top of the page.
  3. The users should also remember to go to the video privacy settings and if they want to make any changes then they ca do it there.
  4. Now select on the video from the computer that the users need to upload it on their channel.
  5. If the users want then they can also make their video slideshow or even can import a video from their Google photos.
  6. While the video is uploading on the YouTube channel the users can make changes and can edit the basic information and also can go to the advanced settings option and can send notifications to their subscribers.
  7. Once the video has been uploaded the users need to select on publish option so that it can be shared on YouTube.
  8. If the users have st their privacy to private then just select on done so that the video can be shared.
  9. if the users don’t want to publish their videos at that particular time then they can publish it any time later by going to the video manager of their YouTube account.


Hello, Can you please help me How to download the vedio..
Garry Wilson
Last friday i was created a youtube channel but now my channel is not displaying and not showing in youtube search tell me what is the reason for this mis-happening get recover my channel and also my videos.
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