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How To Resolve Google Maps Location Not Updating Issue?

We all loves to discover new places and meets new people. It has remains a truly human fascination to search for new places for lands, trade and discovering different culture.  The roles of maps in finding new places and finding new routes cannot be ignored. Maps play a crucial role in our life in connecting with the different location. It has play a important role in evolution of human civilization. But with times everything has changed, earlier we used to carry out the physical maps with ourselves but with changing times, we no longer carry a physical maps.  As we enters into the digital world as well as we are surrounded by digital gadgets, even our mapping needs are served on digital platform. There are numerous number of maps based platform which help us to provide different mapping solution for various mapping needs . One such mapping platform is Google Map. Google Maps customer services will help and guide you in fixing any problem related to the maps.

Google Map is one of the most widely user mapping platform. Million of users across the world log into the platform in order to search various routes and maps. It is known for providing mapping solution with accurate precisions, proper direction and real time traffic updates. The great thing about the Google map is it’s available on various platform whether android, IOS and Java. Anyone can search a particular destination and Google maps will provides you the all the minimum information regarding  distance, time taken as well as the proper routes. Even these days Cabs are using the services of the Google maps. But sometimes user does face certain problem while working on it, One of the common problem face by the user is regarding  Google Maps GPS is not working. User can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure:

  1. First of all, user has to open the google maps from a different location mainly open space.
  2. Now Make sure to toggle your location off and on.
  3. Again repeat the procedure from airplane mode.
  4. Go and check the date and time as well as set it Automatically via settings and then General further date and time.
  5. Now Again turn off LTE.
  6. Reset the Network settings .

Google Maps Location Not Working iPhone

In case if you are facing any further issue which is mainly associated with the Google maps, such as Google maps location not updating IPhone, then in such circumstance user has to take the help from technical support or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, user needs to figure out the issue, whether its related to no signal or slow data connection or Permission issue.
  • User needs to check whether it has proper permission access to our location.
  • For that go to the settings and then privacy, further location services to make sure it has the permission.
  • In case if the issue is persisting due to the data connection then go to the settings and then cellular and the cellular data options and then Enable LTE. Toggle Off and then ok.

In case even after that you face issues and couldnot able to figure out Why can't maps find my current location then user can take the help from their technical support representatives. They have a highly qualified technical experts team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to fix the issue on time.  

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