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Can I get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

If you previously cancelled your reservation online at Southwest.com and did not request a refund at that time, you may submit a request: by calling our Reservations Department at 1-800-435-9792. by calling Customer Relations at the number below.

Southwest Airlines lets you change or cancel a fare within the 24 hour window without penalty, but it also allows you to change or cancel a reservation anytime before flight time and get a credit for the full amount of your fare, applicable to future travel within a year of the original reservation.

What Southwest flights are refundable?

Anytime. These fares are refundable and changeable and may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines for the originally ticketed passenger only. If you are booking an airfare in the United States, U.S. Department of Transportation regulations require that, as long as you've booked a non-refundable ticket 7 days ahead of your flight, you're entitled to hold your reservation and the fare and change or cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking.

How do I cancel a credit on Southwest Airlines?

Then click Manage Reservations under the Flight header. On this page, you have a few options. You can view/share an itinerary, make changes to a Southwest Airlines reservations, cancel a reservation, view your travel funds, or add your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Number to an existing reservation. Click Cancel Reservation.

Does southwest refund?

Cash is accepted only at Southwest Airlines Ticket Counters. Requesting a Refund - Unused, fully refundable tickets, that do not carry restrictions, may be applied toward future travel or refunded within one year from the date of issue.

How to Change or Cancel Your Southwest Flight

  1. Sign-In to Your Southwest Account.
  2. Choose “Change / Cancel Flight”.
  3. Enter the Confirmation Number and First and Last Name.
  4. Choose “Change Flight” or “Cancel Flight” .
  5. Select the Flights You Want to Change. 
  6. Search for New Flights. 
  7. Select New Flights.
  8. Review Your Flights and Prices.

How long are Southwest reusable funds good for?

If you cancel your flight, 100% of your ticket value can be applied to future travel for up to 12 months. New reservations inherit the earliest expiration date from any funds applied from the old ticket. Therefore, the expiration date of our new reservation and all associated funds may be less than 12 months.

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