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Can You Upgrade An Award Ticket on American Airlines?

Many passengers who earn Miles on frequent Flyer, are not always focused on booking an Award ticket. Instead, they want to use their miles to upgrade a flight ticket they have purchased with cash. Upgrading an award ticket has a lot in common, but the rules are unique for every loyalty program. If the passengers are thinking Can you upgrade an award ticket on American Airlines This post will let you know how to upgrade an award ticket on American Airlines. 

There are two different types of rules for booking upgrades on American Airlines. It's very important to understand these rules before upgrading a ticket.  

  1. First you have to use American AAdvantage miles to upgrade an award ticket
  2. Second, the upgrade inventory is limited

To upgrade an award ticket you are required to find upgrade availability. For upgrades from economy or premium economy into business class, including domestic first class, then you will need to find the C availability. For upgrades from business class to first class there should be an A availability. 

The easiest way of finding to upgrade an award ticket space is through guidebzz Award and upgrade availability search. 

  1. Entre your origin and your dream destination airport, dates
  2. you can select from American airlines from the list and select Business- upgrade, including 2 cabin on domestic
  3. Fist- upgrade ( for 3 cabin class flights only), for the clear result, we would recommend limiting to non-stop flights options, if you are searching for one leg and also excluding codeshares. 

Once you find the award availability, you need to request an upgrade from a reservation representative through American Airlines phone number, or online But remember, you can not request a mileage upgrade online. American airlines provide the availability that you can contact American airline reservations or go to an American airlines, airport ticket office or airline travel Centre, for help with booking your mileage upgrade award. 

Call on American Airlines phone number 800-433-7300, or your elite status contact number if you have one. 

If your upgrade has not been completed by time you can check-in and you can be added to the air terminal upgrade system, if you have enough miles in your account before 48 hours departure.  

Your chances of getting an upgrade: if you don't have elite status with American Airlines and also you don’t have upgrade availability at the time you are requesting for upgrade, your chances of getting an award is pretty low, that is because the prioritization for upgrade ticket on American Airlines as follows: 

  1. That is right if you don’t have an AAirline  elite status, your upgrade will only be cleared when another request has cleared.  And if you don’t have elite status or you have a lower-tier status, then you don’t have a much better chance. 
  2. Therefore, there are a few tricks that clear systemwide upgrades before your turn, and it's perfect to clear systemwide upgrades on long international flight routes. And the trick is: use guidebuzz upgrade availability alerts.  
  3. As I said above, there should be a C upgrade space for you to get a systemwide or mileage plus award upgrade. If there is not any chance at the time when you are booking and requesting an award ticket upgrade, you can also wait to list your request. 
  4. When upgrading space opens, American airlines would clear your request according to the priority order laid out above. However there is usually a gap between the list clearness and space. If you find the upgrade space, you can online request that American airlines clear your upgrade request.  


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