Gmail Has Stopped Working How To Fix?

If you use Gmail and have one of the following issues due to which gmail stop working then, you need to fix the issues as this is an important entity and one needs to have it running all the time. 

  1. The issues due to which Gmail stopped working are :
  2. There is problem while sending or receiving the mail.
  3. Account authorization issues.
  4. SMTP error.
  5. Not getting new email.
  6. Account syncing error
  7. Gmail is too slow to upload or getting the notification of can’t open the mail

Gmail Has Stopped Responding How To Fix?

To fix these issues when gmail not responding go through following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Update the Gmail app. There might be some bugs due to which Gmail does not respond well, however, updating an app removes the bugs, so if your app asks for update, then, update it as soon as possible.
  2. Restart the device: This is a solution to many problems. See if restarting the device helps to resolve the issue of  gmail stop working. 
  3. Check the settings:
          3.1- Check if you are online.
          3.2- Check the basic settings like whether airplane mode is on, if it is on then turn it off.
          3.3- Check if Gmail is synced to the account:
                   a- In the gmail app, click on Menu icon , go to Settings.
                   b- Tap on your account. 
                   c- Check if the box next to Sync gmail is checked, if this is unchecked, check it and sync your Google account.

      4. Go forth with following steps to make your Gmail account work: 
                Check the settings of phone or tablet
                Open the Settings app  of your device.
                Tap on Users & Accounts
                Turn on Automatically sync data.

      5. Clear storage:
               Uninstall apps that are not in use anymore.
               Try the above steps to make gmail work from the mode of gmail not responding.

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