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How to Book Group Flight Tickets?

Whether planning your trip for leisure or for a business purpose with a group of 10 or more people, group travel booking is always a prior option to catch your flight without any hassle.  Perks of group booking:

If you are planning your trip and booking flights for large groups then you be benefited with a huge bucket of discounts. Most of the airlines provides fascinating offers to the passengers on bulk booking. Group booking provides the following facilities to the passengers traveling in a group: 

  1. Airlines provides a customized fare on availing the group fly option.
  2. Passengers are provided with a convenience interface to get their flight for a group travel.
  3. In case of booking a group fly ticket about eight to eleven months before the date of the journey then the passengers can avail the seating option of their choice on a significant discount.
  4. Airlines provides the facility to communicate with the airlines agent throughout the journey over the phone or via email in order to avail services to make thee group journey more pleasant.
  5. Passengers are given with the flexibility to add names to their booked flight up to 10 days before the date of the journey.
  6. If the passengers are opting payment method using a host of convenient then they can also enjoy the flexibility of paying partially for the group travel outside 21 days. 

How to book your flight for a group travel:

Airlines provides an easy access to make the journey convenient and pleasant. Here is the procedure to book your flight for the group of people traveling together:

  1. For booking a group flight of more than 10 people, the passengers need to fill the Group Request form. For this, visit the booking API or the official site of your preferred airlines.
  2. Enter the information that are required for filling the Group Request form.
  3. Also, give the personal information of the passengers.
  4. After filling the form, send a request for the group booking to the Airline
  5. From the other end, your request will be processed.
  6. The airlines will send a quote as a response to the request made by the passengers along with the available choices to get a flight.
  7. If you agree with the details and quote of the airline and then you can proceed with the group booking process.
  8. You need to inform about your concern to book the flight and book your group ticket.

By following the above-mentioned steps, the passengers will be able to plan their trip in the group. If you are planning a destination wedding then you can look for group flight discussions for wedding offers online.

Avail group booking without filling out the request form:

If you are willing to avoid the hassle of filling group request form then it is a point of pleasure that airlines also provides the option to get their flight without filling the group request form. Here is the simple set of procedure that facilitates group booking without filling the form:

  1. Start booking with the first half of your group.
  2. Select the route on which you want to fly and then select the number of passengers that is half of your group.
  3. Select your preferred fly and input the details of first half of the passengers traveling in your group.
  4. Fill the contact information that should be sam for both halves of the groups.
  5. Proceed to the payment option and select the payment type for the booking.
  6. Complete the payment of your booking.

After completing the booking for the first half members of the group, repeat the same procedure for the remaining members and use the same contact information in order to proceed with the group booking.

Sometimes, the airlines do not guarantee the group booking with the same booking in both halves of the group. There may be some variation in the fare depending upon the capacity of the airlines and the destination of the passengers. Additionally, passengers are provided with the helpline number to resolve their query related to the group booking procedure or about the flight. 

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