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How do I find my QuickBooks Intuit ID?

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed man age and marketed by Intuit. When someone starts using QuickBooks, the company assigns them a unique Intuit ID so that the users can easily excess and sync the company's login information. With Intuit ID, the passengers are allowed to get other crucial details and data from the company. But if you wish to know, how do I find my QuickBooks Intuit ID? You can follow the solution and get your QuickBooks Intuit ID to get all the required information.

Methods to get the QuickBooks Intuit ID

Locate the company ID via Key Combination

If you are using the software n a separate window, you can simply log in to your account using the same browser. After getting into that, you are required to follow the particular.

  • Open the QuickBooks software on your desktop on your preferred browser.

  • Now, sign in with QuickBooks using the credentials available to you.

  • Now, you need to use the Ctrl+Alt+? Keys altogether.

  • After that, a window on your screen will display the company ID assigned to you. The company ID will be a specific number allowed to each user specifically.

Locate the company ID in the Accounting software QuickBooks on Mac

Many users prefer to use the QuickBooks software on their Mac worldwide. If you wish to get the Intuit ID on your Mac, in that case, you are advised to follow the key combination, and the process required to do the same is given here as follows.

  • Navigate the QuickBooks website on the browser you use on Mac.

  • Login to your account by using your ID and password.

  • Once getting in, press the Keys Ctrl+Alt+? Together and proceed further.

  • A new window will appear n your screen on which you can easily find your company ID written.

Look for the Company ID/Intuit ID manually.

  • Login to your QuickBooks account only in your preferred browser.

  • Look and select the gear icon given on the homepage to open the QuickBooks settings.

  • After selecting the option, a pop-up menu will appear n your screen, from which you have to select the option of 'Account and settings.'

  • Another window will appear n your screen from which you have to choose the option of 'Billing and Subscription.'

  • Once you click on the option, all the details related to your subscription will appear only on your screen, including your Intuit ID.

How do I reactivate my QuickBooks online account?

  • Login to your QuickBooks account and get onto the settings ⚙ option.

  • Choose the Account and Settings option and select the 'Billing & Subscription option.

  • Choose the option of Resubscribe and enter the billing information.

  • Select the option of subscribing and log out to log in and activate your account.

For further details and inquiries, contact the QuickBooks Contact Number, and connect with the customer service team.

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