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How Do I Give Someone Hawaiian Miles?

Hawaiian Airlines is known as the 10th largest commercial Airline in the United States, and It provides various services that lead you to a comfortable flight. When you book a flight seat with the Airline, they provide you with the miles points, which you can use in the booking for your next flight, or else to avail any other service for yourself as you can book a main cabin or first and business class seat for traveling else you can also upgrade your flight seat to upper class and get the best deal if the miles points are no more in use for you are getting expire in the soon time, you can share with anyone if you wonder How do I give someone HawaiianMiles? Well, there is a procedure through which you can share your Miles points with another person through the website of the Airline.

Can I Give Hawaiian Miles to Someone Else?

Hawaiian Airlines provides Miles points, which can be used for various things. Some various benefits and deals come along with the Hawaiian Miles. You can fly with your preferred cabin class by using the miles points, or else you can also change your seat. The Airline is very flexible with their miles points as you make your bookings using them for yourself and someone else. As the Airline allows you to share your Hawaiian miles, even if you are not flying with them, you can also donate your miles to any cause or charity of your choice and buy gifts to transfer them.

How Do You Transfer Hawaiian Miles to Another Person?

You can transfer your Hawaiian Miles to another person who needs it more, so the person can use the points to get a discount or avail of the service using the reward points as the Airline allows to share with another person; the process to transfer the miles is quite simile, to know the method so you can proceed with the process, by heading with the points that are given below.

  • Ensure the person sharing their miles pints should be a holder of Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard, Hawaiian Airlines business master card, Hawaiian Airlines visa card, check card primary cardholder.
  • Tap on the Share Miles link to be prompted to sign in to your Hawaiian Miles account.
  • Enter the person's last name, the number of Hawaiian miles, and the number of Miles you are willing to share.
  • Read the terms and conditions points on the page and tap the agree button.
  • To step ahead with the procedure, click on the continue button.
  • Complete your transaction for the miles; you will receive a text in your email for the confirmation and the receivers.

Is it free to transfer Hawaiian Miles?

If you have a world elite master cared of Hawaiian Airlines or a bank card and Hawaiian Airlines visa credit card, then you can share your Hawaiian Miles in the fastest way, and you can give away your miles points as being a member of Hawaiian miles for free to a Hawaiian Airlines primary credit card or debit card holder.

  • Members of Hawaiian Miles can make ten free transactions per year.
  • No charges per mile.
  • And no transaction fees for mileage transfers.

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