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How do I install Windows 7 on My Dell laptop?

We all loves using laptop to doing our daily stuffs. Laptop is one of the greatest innovations of our time which has changed not only our personal but professional life too. Each day there are plenty of various laptop series are coming into the market by different companies. One such company which has made a big name for themselves in Personal computing and laptop making is Dell. Dell Tech support

How to Install Windows software on Dell Laptop?

Do you ever used the Dell Laptop ? Dell is one of the most popular and leading laptop making companies in the world. Apart from that it also builts various things like storage device, network switch and computer peripheral devices. The best thing about the Dell Laptop is excellent hardware quality, compatible software support and  reasonable pricing. But sometimes user does face certain issue while working on the Dell Laptop customer Service, One of the common problem user face is regarding  how to install windows 8 in dell laptop from Usb. User can take the assistance of technical support or follow these simple procedure :

  1. First of all, user needs to insert the USB in the given external notch in laptop.
  2. Then open the USB key folder in window explorer and then select Sethp.ex.e.
  3. Now Windows 8.1 set up will automatically presented on your screen.
  4. Again Go online in order to install updates and click next.
  5. Now enter your product key screen and locate your product key and then click on Next.
  6. Locate your product key and type in the given space.   
  7. Accept the license terms and checkbox the bottom of the screen to accept.
  8. Furthermore click on the Accept to continue.
  9. Again afterwards laptop will restart few times in order to finish the installation.

But If you face similar existing problem on other windows version apart from the existing ones  and faces the same dilemma of how to install window8.1 in dell laptop then user needs to follow these simple procedure:

  1. Incase, If you’re using the DVD drive, then user needs to insert the DVD drive into your optical drive and restart the computer.
  2. If the Dell logo appears then please select the boot device and press enter.
  3. Select the language you preferred in order before installation.
  4. Then choose the time frame and input method as well as medium of installations.
  5. Select on the Install now button.
  6. Afterwards accept the license terms and select custom Install windows only.
  7. Delete the previous partitions and create then select unallocated space and then select New.
  8. Click Apply to create new partition and then click on Next.’
  9. Windows will automatically restart and then you can complete your installation.

Even after that if faces issue like How to install windows 10 in dell inspiron 15300 series, then user needs to follow these simple procedures as noted above or take the help of technical support to fix the issue.

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