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How Do I Redeem My AA Miles For Past Flights?

Have you made a reservation and taken a flight recently but noticed that no miles were not posted into your reservation account? May this happen because you forgot to add your frequent flyer number in your Booking. 

  1. Fortunately, various airlines allow you to retroactively credit flight to your Mileage plan account up to 12 months after you have flown with them. So if you have had any flight before, now is a right time to go back through your flight ticket and confirm that everything has been properly credited. 
  2. For those you just enter in the points and miles games, and don’t know about  How do I redeem my AA miles for past flights? The good news for them is that many airlines allow you to retroactively credit flights you have taken before signing up for their frequent flyer program. On the other hand the bad news is you have much less time to credit flights if you have not previously registered in the program, so it’s important to get in now. 

The American Airlines AAdvantage program Membership gathers mileage that one can easily redeem for the Airline Ticket.   The airline's frequent-flier program allows the passenger to make online access to your Mileage plus account. When the passenger is ready to use the miles, then, select the ticketing option that works according to your travel schedule and mileage balance. 

So when you are ready to use your miles But don’t know  How do I redeem my AA miles for past flights? then, you can go through the below steps:  

Miles Request

  1. Visit the Airline and login to American Airlines site by entering the AAdvantage membership number and the  password.
  2. Check out the Redeem Miles in the AAdvantage option at the top of the main page. 
  3. Select the option of Book now, to search the flights and check out the number of miles required for the redeem process. 
  4. Then select the one-way, or round trip or multi-city trip by clicking on the option next to the option you want.
  5. Then you have to write the name of your departure city or you can write the airport code and the destination city code in the box under where you want to visit? 
  6. Select the Flexible dates OR the exact dates by selecting the option where you want to visit? 
  7. Find and choose the option of departure dates and the arrival back dates for round trip flight tickets by selecting the option next to each box to reveal your option in the here do you want to visit box, select your preferable time, if desired for each of the flight legs. 
  8. Select the option and enter your number of passengers if you want to reserve  a group booking, then choose the number of adults, seniors, young adults, children and infant passengers. 
  9. Choose the travel class that is business class, first class etc. 
  10. Then select the types of Mileage award you want to redeem for the flight. The Miles Award needed fewer miles than the AAnytime Awards, but it had fewer flight options. 

Also, the passenger can contact the customer service through the American Airline Contact Number or through American Airlines Live Chat Support option, if the Passenger wants to Redeem the American Airlines Miles. Make a request through these options if you want to redeem the Miles. 

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