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How do I Select My Seat on Egyptair?

There are so many types of passengers who want to book many types of seats,some are like to book window seats as well ,and some peoples want to book aisle seats ,some are extra legroom seat usually they have lots adoption to choose.we have all the information related to types of seats available in Egyptair .we are going to provide you all information because you all requested for it .Egyptair is one of the best  in aviation industry, was situated on May 7, 1932. The national flag carrier of Egypt operating  from the city of Cairo and happens to be the first airline in the Middle-East region. The itinerary  of Egyptair flights is  around above the 79 destinations in the world in 53 countries.

If you like the economy class to fly you have so many options to book your seat ,and also in economy class the standard seat selection is free of cost.

  1. Travelling internationally in Economy with pliable airfare
  2. Travelling internationally in Business Class with  top rated facilities .
  3. EGYPTAIR Platinum class provides  Frequent seat services for the members
  4. You can easily select your seat During the check- in

For any kind of information and help  you can easily contact the support service of Egyptair .

Other Methods of selection seats

You can easily select your flight seat  through the official site of the Egyptair .

  1.  you just need to tap on the column of seat booking after the booking of flights .
  2. You can easily check-in online even if you've selected your seat and you can easily change your selected seat again.
  3. Make sure you take care of your seat booking receipt , also the boarding pass, booking reference and all kinds of needy documents .
  4. You have to read and understand all the norms and policies related to online seat booking before the booking.

Confusion in charge of seat selection 

There are so many airlines charged for the seat selection and for  seat change but, the Egyptair is the only one Airline which is not chargeable. You can easily change and book your seats with your choice easily without any pay and hassle .Hope you all know How do I select my seat on Egyptair?

Egyptair Covers Destinations

 There are so many destinations and airports which all Egyptair covers.around 90 above destinations . all are given below.also the Egyptair manage booking so properly.

  1. Bangkok
  2. Guangzhou
  3.  Johannesburg
  4.  New York
  5.  Beijing
  6.  Tokyo
  7.  Toronto
  8.  Hong Kong
  9.  Washington
  10. Hangzhou.
  11. Brussels
  12.  Frankfurt
  13.  Berlin
  14.  Munich
  15. Amsterdam
  16. Geneva
  17.  Mumbai
  18.  London
  19.  Madrid
  20.  Barcelona
  21.  Paris
  22.  Dubai
  23. Abu Dhabi
  24.  Sharjah
  25. Bahrain
  26.  Tunis
  27. Casablanca
  28.  Algeria
  29. Kuwait
  30. Jeddah
  31.  Medina
  32. Riyadh
  33.  Dammam
  34.  Istanbul
  35. Athena
  36. Larnaca
  37. Copenhagen
  38.  Milan
  39. Rome
  40. Moscow
  41.  Vienna
  42. Budapest
  43. Abuja
  44.  Accra
  45. Dar-es-salaam
  46.  Entebbe
  47.  Lagos
  48.  Nairobi
  49.  Addis Ababa
  50. Juba
  51. Kano
  52.  Khartoum
  53.  Kigali
  54. Abidjan
  55. Douala
  56.  Abha
  57. Gassim
  58.  Amman
  59. Beirut
  60. Muscat
  61. N'Djamena
  62. Asmara
  63. Baghdad
  64. Erbil

Terms and conditions of seat arrangements

 You should have to read all the terms and norms of seat booking .

  1. After the minimum age of fifteen years you are eligible to choose your seat. 
  2. Travel with someone who needs your company  in an emergency .
  3.  Always know the use of an infant/extension seat belt.
  4. You are able to move quickly and assist the cabin  in an emergency .
  5. You have to follow all the conditions and terms .
  6. Seating instructions given in English .
  7. You don't have to utilize any part of the Aircraft seats 
  8. You are able to book your seat  to rest your feet, or any other personal items.
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