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How do I View My Information on Facebook?

Want to know how big Facebook is. Wait for this. A humongous, two hundred and fifty billion active users as of December, Twenty Nineteen and that is huge. Facebook is an admired social media website where you can interact with your buddies, share your views in the form of a written post, picture or videos, even go live with its feature, buy or sell at its Marketplace and many more such features which have been copyrighted by the Facebook company. This takes money and a lot of it. Facebook’s Research and Development team is top-notch, one of the best in its class in the world, which enables them to keep adding features, which keeps its users, like you and me, engrossed, embroiled and busy. Social media is such a rage especially amongst the youth that they are stressed, depressed yet so well dressed in the pictures they upload with their buddies partying day in and day out.

Now let us address as to How do I view my information on Facebook? Keep following these steps and you shall know-

  1. Launch Facebook website on your web browser (Safari on MacOS, Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome)
  2. Log into your Facebook account by entering your username which can be your registered email or phone number and password.
  3. After successfully logging in, you need to look up at the right hand top corner of your screen and click on the last icon, which is an inverted triangle.
  4. You shall see a list of options, where you have to select settings and privacy tab.
  5. On the next page of options again a list of choices shall be provided, you have to select settings 
  6. Having clicked on the settings tab, you shall find on the far left of your screen a list of options where Your Facebook Information option will be present as being the third option from the top.
  7. Then finally you, on having clicked on it, shall be able to access your entire Facebook information with various headings and subheadings

If you further check out the page, you shall find subheadings like

  1. Access your information
  2. Transform a copy of your information
  3. Download your information
  4. Activity log
  5. Off-Facebook activity
  6. Managing your information
  7. Deactivation and deletion

 The Access your information tool furnishes a summary of your Facebook account information that you can view at any given point of time and in a single place. Facebook has categorized this information by type so you can find what you are looking for-

  1. You can evaluate information which you have posted or shared, such as likes, comments and videos, below the Your information section.
  2. You can view information regarding your Facebook account, like  location and search history, below Information about you.
  3. Their Data Policy has more information about how they collect and use your information, how it is shared and how long Facebook retains it. The Data Policy also outlines your rights and how you can exercise them, and how they operate and transfer your information as part of Facebook’s global services.

In case you are wondering How to get facebook com login identify, for this you need to be logged in to your Facebook account. Go to the Help Centre and then click on Managing your account section. Then you shall be provided with a list of topics. Check out the ones that resemble your inquiry. Then click on that topic. A series of steps shall appear on the next page.

  1. Click on Forgot password and allow Facebook to search your account.
  2. Click on the profile once Facebook locates it.
  3. An option will appear saying No longer have access to these.
  4. The next prompt shall be Security Question Recovery which you need to enter.
  5. By following these steps you can successfully recover your Facebook login.
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