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How do you Seat Together on American Airlines Basic Economy?

American Airlines helps you choose a specific seat while you proceed with your booking or even after that. American Airlines have made it easy for passengers to choose their seats and manage their booking online without facing any hassle. Even if you do not select a seat or fail to do so, the airline will allocate you an available seat for a comfortable and seamless journey.

There are so many seat protocols set across by the airline for passengers traveling with a companion, and you need to know how do you get seats together in basic economy? Keep reading the article if you want an efficient answer with detailed steps to reserve seats at American Airlines.

Things to know about seat assignments at American Airlines

Take reference from the given points if you need to sit with your travel companion:

  1. American Airlines does not charge any fee for seat assignments. 
  2. The airline, itself, assigns you a seat after you check-in with it, but there are slight chances of getting a seat beside your travel companion.
  3. The airline keeps in mind the needs and requirements of its passengers traveling with children. That is why it blocks seats together if you are traveling with a child in a basic economy.
  4. But somehow, if you cannot reserve adjacent seats, you can trade seats by talking to fellow passengers.
  5. But trading seats become even more hectic if the other person has invested an extra charge to book that particular seat. So you might need to up your trading game a bit if you want to trade successfully. 
  6. Seat assignment fees vary depending upon the class you are traveling in. If you are booked with American Airlines’ basic economy cabin, you might have to pay $12-50 to reserve seats so that you and your travel companion can sit together.
  7. American Airlines provides basic economy class to suffice the needs and requirements of budget-sensitive travelers. But, the seat assignment restrictions apply the same to every class.
  8. So no matter what kind of ticket you are purchasing, you might end up sitting separately and the question how do you get seats together in basic economy? will always remain unanswered.

How can I Book Two Adjacent Seats at American Airlines?

If you are booked with basic economy class in American Airlines, then you might not be able to select a seat as per your preferences:

  1. Talk to the customer personnel of the airline if you need to get a seat of your preference, even if you are booked with basic economy.
  2. You might be able to sit with your travel companion if you are ready to pay some additional charges. 
  3. If you purchased your ticket from a travel consolidator and need to sit with your companion, call them, and they might do the magic!

Many guests traveling with a companion face the question how do you sit together on American Airlines Basic EconomySo, it is normal if you are facing the same question because American Airlines has the best answer. Also, you can take assistance from the customer support team of the airline and get a preferred seat for yourself and your travel companion.

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