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How Easily Could You Recover Your Password With Google Account?

Google account is way by which you may access Google related services and product such as Google docs,Google maps ,Google drive and so on.So to keep your account secure ,you may put password on it.
If you have forgotten your password then you need to recover your Google account password.If you do not know the process of recovering Google account password then you need to call on google account recovery phone number.You will be get in touch with Google technician after making call on this number.Here are the some steps given below  to recover your password. you need to follow given below steps:

  1. First of all go to the login page of Google.
  2. Then you need to enter gmail id and password.
  3. Here click on the Forgot password option.
  4. Now choose the option by which you want to recover Google account password such as alternate email id, phone number or security question.
  5. To recover your password with the help of alternate email id, you need to enter email id then you will get a link on that email id.
  6. Click on the link then you will be move to the Google account page, here you need to enter Google account password.
  7. To recover password with the help of  phone number, you will get verification code on that number. Now enter this code in the given field and account will be open.

There might be possibility when you may forget Gmail verification code which you get on mobile number or alternate email id.For gmail forgot password verification code, you need to open alternate mail id again then again click on the forgot password link.Here you will get a link on that email id, now click on that link,then you will have to enter new password.

If you want to change Google password then you need to follow given below steps for google account change password. These steps will help you to rectify your issues.

  1. Initially you need to open account then enter Email id and password.
  2. Now go to  the settings option and select Account and privacy option.
  3. Click on the choose Password and enter your current password .
  4. Now  enter your new password in the next field.
  5. After That  click on the save setting option.
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