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How I Fix an Error on My Booking with American Airlines?

This article describes what you need to do if you made a booking error and have to change your trip on American Airlines to fix it. A detailed set of instructions for making the necessary flight change are provided. The various fees that may apply to the changes are discussed.

If you booked a trip on American Airlines and discovered afterward that you made a mistake, you are going to need to change your trip. Read on to learn how to change your American Airlines trip and fix that error.

How to Fix a Booking Error on an American Airlines Flight

  1. Go to the American Airlines home page.
  2. Click on the Log In link near the top of the page.
  3. Log in to your American Airlines account.
  4. Look for the list of flights you have booked with the airline in the middle of the page in the Your Trips / Check In tab.
  5. Find the flight you need to change in the list.
  6. Click on the View/Change button next to that flight.
  7. Click on Change Trip.
  8. Follow the prompts you are given and enter any further information required.

The cost of the trip that you are changing will be applied to the new flight that you need. If the amount you had paid is greater than the new amount, you will be given credit for the difference toward a future flight. If the new fight is more expensive then you will need to pay the difference.

If you booked the flight through a travel agent then you will need to make the change through that travel agent.


If your original ticket was refundable, you will not owe any fee for making the change. If it wasn't, you will owe $200 for a domestic flight and as much as $750 for an international flight, depending on the distance involved.

  1. If you change your flight on the day of travel then you may owe an additional $75 fee.
  2. If you need help changing the booking error then you should contact American Airlines customer service.


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