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How Much Baggage is allowed on Qatar International Flights?

The following information will help you to understand about the Qatar Airways Baggage policy, and How much baggage is allowed on Qatar international flights? 

  1. The travelers must not include frangible or perishable food items, money, jewellery and personal electronic devices in the checked baggage. 
  2. While submitting your bags for check-in the Airline Would take custody and issue a Qatar Airways baggage identification tag. 
  3.  Qatar Airways checked baggage would be kept on the same airlines as you flying with
  4. In case if the airlines decide that the checked bags can’t be carried on the same plane as you, the airlines will deliver the Qatar Airways checked baggage on the next flight, if the space is available on the next flight
  5. You may carry Qatar Airways baggage Free of cost as specified to the terms and conditions mentioned in the qatar reservations. 
  6. As per Qatar Airways excess baggage policy, the airline may refuse the right to carry weight and the size allowances in terms of the free allowances. 
  7. Travelers need to pay the Qatar Airways Extra bag charges in terms of free baggage allowances at the rate and ways mentioned in the flight ticket. 

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

For the routes where the weight concept apply at the checked bag limit on the number of bags is free and the weight allow for total number of bags must not increase by the given limit according to  the qatar Airways baggage policy

  1. As per Qatar Airways checked baggage allowance, the size of the bag must not exceed 158 cm. Per bag. 
  2. In terms of weight concept the size of the checked baggage must not exceed 300 cmm including length and width plus height.
  3. The single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kgs. 
  4. Qatar Airways baggage charges will apply if the traveler exceeds the weight and piece allowances on the flight ticket. 
  5. The following dimensions are according to the Qatar Airways baggage conditions and guidelines. 

Qatar Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit and Allowance

According to the Qatar Airways Baggage policy, travelers are allowed to carry hand luggage other than checked bags during the flights. 

  1. Under Qatar Airways carry-on baggage allowances, first class and the business class passenger are allowed to carry two bags on board, and the total weight should be within 15 kg. 
  2. Economy class Customers are allowed to carry one personal bag and weight must not exceed 7 kg. 
  3. Laptop and the bag must be considered under the Qatar Airway carry-on baggage allowances. 
  4. The maximum dimension for each bag of hand luggage must not exceed 50x37x25 cm including the handles. Pockets and the wheels according to the Qatar Airways Carry-on baggage dimensions policy. 
  5. Passengers can carry liquid gels and pastes in the containers of 100 ml in their personal bags. Containers larger than 100 ml cannot be accepted even if they are not fully filled.
  6. 100 ml containers must be carried in a resealable or a transparent bag and should not be larger than 20x20 cm. 

Please note that these dimensions and limits are as per the Qatar Airways baggage Policy. 

For further information regarding How much baggage is allowed on Qatar international flights? you can Call on the Qatar Airways Contact Number, talk with the customer service representative about your query. The representative will give you the best solution to your problem. 

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