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How To Change Facebook Password Without OTP?

Did you recently change your Facebook password but can’t recall the new one? Have you been inactive on your Facebook account and want to start using your profile again? In fact, many users stay logged in on their laptop or mobile phone and when they log out unknowingly, they struggle to remember the password to log back in. No matter what your worry is, rest assured knowing that all hope is not lost. Whether you need to reset your password or need help with your Facebook account recovery, you will find the much needed guidance here. If you need to reset your password but are unable to use the OTP option, here are the alternatives that you can try:

  1. If you can still access a device on which you had recently logged into your account, it is likely that Facebook has saved the device’s details in its Recent Logins. If you can find your account profile in that directly, click on it to log into your account automatically.

  2. If you don’t have any device that Facebook remembers in its recent logins or you are on a new device, Facebook’s Find Your Account page will be able to help you. Click here: Facebook.com/login/identify. The search field allows you to look up for your account using the details that you had added into your Facebook profile. Facebook allows you to search by your email address, phone number, your username, and even your full name. 

  3. If Facebook successfully finds a match with the phone number or email you entered, choose how you want Facebook to send you the password reset code and then select continue. 

  4. If you are searching by your entering name in the search field, Facebook will list the matching results, each will accompany a clickable This Is My Account option. Go through the results and if you spot your account, click on this option next to the said result. In case the results don't include your profile, select I am Not In This List button at the bottom. In the latter scenario, Facebook will help you search and identify your profile by asking for a Friend’s name who is there on your Friend list on Facebook.

  5. If you identified and selected your profile, Facebook allows you to choose how you will receive your password to reset your account and then continue.

  6. If you are not using the number nor have access to the email address that was registered with your profile, Facebook will not be able to verify your identity.

  7. However, if either of the two alternatives are accessible for receiving the reset code, you can enter the security code and click on Continue to go ahead and successfully change your password.

Facebook Talk To a Person

Once your password is changed, you will receive a message from Facebook advising you to log out of your account on all the other devices. This is highly recommended to ensure that no other people/hackers have access to your account. Click on Log out of other devices if you prefer that your account should not be open on other devices or Stay logged in if you are sure that your account will not be accessed by unknown people, and then select Continue.

If none of the options work for you, you can connect with a Facebook Live person or representative for help.

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