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How To Change Gmail Password?

Google account users get errors when they “Sign in” with their account.If you are one of them who is go through the password reset issue, it is required for them to take instant help. Here, you can see the methods to reset the Gmail account password. 

How to change gmail password? (Using webmail)

  1. It is required to open Gmail website by the help of browser. 
  2. Now, you should Sign in to the  account for which you want to change the password for. When you can't log into Gmail because you haven’t remembered your current password, it can be reset by creating a new one.
  3. Tap the option of “Gear” button.It can be appeared to you in the upper-right corner after loading the Gmail inbox.
  4. Tap the option to “Settings” and choose “Accounts and Import” tab.
  5. Click Change password.
  6. There is need to enter the current password. If you forgot your current password, it can be reset by creating a new one.
  7. It is required for you to enter the new password. Tap the “Eye button” to view the entire password as you type it.
  8. Enter the password again to confirm it and tap “Change Password.”

You need to login back into Gmail on any of the respective devices.Now, you can signed out of Gmail and your Google account on any device that is currently signed in.Now, you should type the new password any place which you use Gmail or your Google account.

How do I change my Google Account password?(Using android)

  1. It is first required to open “Settings” menu by using the Android device.The “Settings app” will appear to you in the Apps list.
  2. There is need to move down to the “Personal” section and click the option to “Google services.”
  3. Click the option to “Sign-in & security” and you should enter “Password.”
  4. There is need to enter the current password.When you don't remember the current password that you have,try to reset it and make a new one.
  5. You need to enter the new password. Enter the new password again to confirm it.
  6. Click the option to Change Password and should “Sign in” into your devices with the new password.It will change Google password android. 
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