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How To Change or Cancel a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

How to change or cancel your Southwest flight

  1. Sign in to your Southwest account. It's easy to change or cancel a flight on Southwest.
  2. Manage your reservation. After you log in, click the “Flight” tab and you'll see a dropdown menu.
  3. Select your self-service option. Next, click either “Change reservation” or “Cancel reservation.” 
  4. Complete the change or cancelation.

Does it come in your mind whether you can change or cancel your flight with Southwest Airlines or not? Well, the answer is yes, as Southwest Airlines is the one that fully understands the timely needs of passengers and tries to serve them in every aspect. In the same context, you will be happy to acknowledge that Southwest Airlines permits the passenger to change or cancel a booking when in genuine need. Well, the procedure for changing or canceling a flight on Southwest Airlines is almost the same with just a slight difference in choosing from change or cancel option, while policy that defines the terms for applying the needed is separate. More relevant information about how to change or cancel a Southwest Airlines flight is as given below.

How can you change or cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines?

However, you can directly contact Southwest Airlines Customer service team regarding the procedure to change or cancel your journey, yet it is easily approachable through its website. Hence the process to change or cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines is as described below:

  1. First of all, you have to visit Southwest Airlines website on a browser
  2. Next look for change/cancel tab and open the same
  3. Further you need to submit your Booking number
  4. After that enter the primary passenger’s last name
  5. Or the registered users can directly login to their account
  6. Next you have to hit search button to retrieve full booking list
  7. Hereafter you have to select an individual flight that you wish to change or cancel
  8. After that open that particular flight and choose change or cancel button as per need
  9. Next, you can apply the eligible modification after choosing change option
  10. Or just tap on Cancel button and then pay the applicable charges
  11. At last, Southwest Airlines will send a notification regarding flight change or cancellation whichever you have applied for

What is the policy to change or cancel Southwest Airlines flight?

You know that Southwest Airlines provides separate rules towards, changing or cancelling a journey. Therefore, if you want to acknowledge the flight change and cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines individually, then grab the details from below. However in case you miss any information or fail to understand then you can freely contact Southwest Airlines live person anytime.

Policy to change a flight on Southwest Airlines

  1. You can change a flight on Southwest Airlines very conveniently however in some cases the service is free while on others it is chargeable
  2. Same day flight change is allowed for the Southwest Airlines booking without any extra fee
  3. You can apply the change in the you flight destination, time, or date for a same route or another route as well
  4. Name correct is only allowed for minor error or full surname change facility is given only n legal conditions like divorce of the passenger or marriage

Policy to cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines

  1. You can cancel your flight on Southwest Airlines without any extra charge within 24 hour time limit from original booking
  2. Next ensure that the flight you are cancelling within 24 hour is not departing before 7 days or else you have to pay the cancellation fee
  3. Southwest Airlines flight booked through anytime fare is eligible to cancel just 10 minutes before its departure in exchange of full refund money
  4. Similarly, Southwest Airlines booking via Wanna get away are also eligible to cancel within just 10 minute prior from scheduled departure for a full refund which is transferred to the passenger future wallet

If you are looking forward to Southwest Airlines new ticket reservations and unaware about any service related details, then you can contact the customer care center for knowing it. Customer care team of Southwest Airlines is very supportive to provide all the reservation related information to those people who are booking a ticket with them for the very first time.

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