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How do I fix Windows App store problems?

If you are a user of the windows devices and you do not use the windows app store more often but you feel some app to be an alluring one and you wish to download it. But what if you find that your windows app store is not working then you have to look into the depth of the issue with care.The company consider such issues and hence provided the windows 8 custome service number to the users.

Now the Steps to Tackle the issue of the Windows app Store are Explained Below:-

  1. Before going through the solution steps you first of all need to see the basic requirements like an enabled UAC
  2. An active internet connection in order to store and download various apps
  3. An updated video card driver
  4. Once you have these things then you need to do the main actions required to tackle the issue
  5. So here firstly you need to adjust the date as well as timings of your device by going through the settings option in the control panel
  6. After that you have to disable the proxy connection by pressing the windows key along with W and then going through the internet options
  7. Followed by tapping on the internet properties option
  8. Now you need to go to the connections tab and there click on the LAN tab
  9. Followed by unchecking the use proxy server and then tap on the ok button
  10. If this does not work then you can even try to run the windows app troubleshooter
  11. One more thing that you can do is to clear the windows store cache to free the space

In case of any more queries feel free to contact the windows 8 technical support.


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