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How To Fix Google Maps Not Working Properly?

Google maps, is one of the best app that helps the user to navigate from one location to other. Google maps require a proper internet connection to function and it uses GPS satellite to navigate locations. Google maps can be used in various devices like android, iPhone etc. If you are facing problem while using Google maps and looking for solutions to fix the Google maps error then you are at the right place. Further the ways to correct Google maps not working error on the basis of the device you are using Google maps with are given.

How to fix Google maps on android device?

When you are using Google maps in android phone and because GPS is not working properly you may not be able to navigate. You must be wondering how to fix android GPS issues so that your Google maps will work again. Follow the ways discussed below to fix this issue:

Restart android device

  • Press  power button for a few seconds
  • Click power off and your device will shut down  
  • Now press the power button again to restart

Clear cache and data files of Google maps

  • Open the settings and go to all apps
  • Select Google maps app from the all apps
  • Click storage on the Google maps page
  • Click clear cache and press delete button
  • Click clear data and press delete button

Reset Google play service

  • Go to all apps from the settings
  • Search Google play service under the all apps
  • Open Google play service and clear data

Internet connection

Check the connectivity of your internet as you know that Google maps work with proper internet connections. If your internet is not showing a perfect network connection then try to reconnect your internet.

How to fix Google maps on iPhone?

  1. When Google maps is not working fine in your iPhone then follow the methods discussed below to fix it:
  2. Allow location services in your iPhone

When location is incorrect and is not working then you have to make sure that location services are on in your iPhone. Follow the steps given below to turn on the location:

  • Open your iPhone device settings
  • Choose privacy then click the option location services
  • Turn on the location services

Restart your iPhone

  • Open the setting of your device
  • Click general from settings and search shut down option
  • Tap shut down button

 Reset your iPhone network settings

  • Open the general setting of your iPhone
  • Find reset option and click the reset network settings under it
  • Provide your iPhone account password to confirm

Update Google maps app in your iPhone

  • Open the app store in your iPhone
  • Click update and go to Google maps
  • Click update button given under Google maps
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