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How To Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

HP printers are the output product of HP (Hewlett-Packard). It is widely used by the people from all over the world. There is a huge variety of printers available which vary according to the configuration. The new products are launched by the company according to user’s requirements.

Though the services of HP are very good and products are very efficient, but still there might be some issue which affects the working of the printer. The common query raised by the users when they contact the support centre is why does my printer keep printing blank page? For this, few solutions are provided to the user which might resolve the issue. The solutions are listed below:

Why does my printer print out blank pages

The user is required to check the ink levels which are estimated. If any low ink or empty cartridges are there, they can be removed. For this, the steps are mentioned below:

Step-1: Check estimated ink levels

  1. The user needs to load the paper tray with white paper.
  2. Then, the button next to the Setup icon is clicked which is there on the bottom left corner of control panel.
  3. The right arrow is touched to select the tools option and then OK.
  4. After that, the right arrow button is touched in order select the Estimated Ink levels and then again OK.
  5. If any cartridge has low-ink or empty, then next step is followed.

Step-2: Replace the cartridge

  1. The first step in this is to Load the input tray with white paper.
  2. Then, the power button is pressed to turn on the printer.
  3. The cartridge door is opened and the user waits till printer is silent.
  4. The cartridge is lightly pressed down to release, and pulled out for removal.
  5. In the next step, the new cartridge is removed from the packing and then pull tab is pulled out to remove the tape.
  6. The cartridge is held by the sides in which the nozzle is towards the printer and then inserts it in the color-coded slots. The icon on the cartridge should match the slot icon.
  7. The cartridge is pushed forward in the slot and the cartridge door is closed.

Step-3: Printer alignment

  1. The user needs to make sure that printer is turned on and the paper is loaded in that.
  2. The button next to the Setup icon is touched.
  3. The right arrow button is touched for selecting Tools option and OK.
  4. In the next step, the right arrow is touched again to select the Align Printer and then OK.
  5. Then, the printer lid is lifted.
  6. The alignment page should be placed in a way that the printed side is down on the right-front corner of the HP printer scanner glass.
  7. The lid is then closed and OK is pressed to complete the paper alignment.
  8. The user waits until the paper is scanned for completing the alignment process.

Another issue could be due to the printer servicing. The printer might require the service in order to give smooth outputs in case of HP printer printing blank pages. For this:

  • The user needs to contact the HP customer support for scheduling the repair or replacement.
  • The Warranty status of the printer could be checked as the pricing depends on the same.
  • If required either service or replace the HP printer.

For issues, the support centre can be contacted and contact info is available on the website of HP.

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