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How To Fix Outlook Server Connection Issues?

Have you ever used the services of Outlook? Outlook is one of the leading and most popular email services providing company in the world. It is one of the oldest email services which were launched in the heydays of Internet. Since its launched it has maintain the user interest as well as still remains one of the most popular email service providing company with more than 400 million user base.  Apart from providing the email services of sending and receiving the mail, It also offers various host of services like sharing of Docs, chatting, scheduling of event, as well as working offline. But sometimes user does face issue while working on the Outlook. One of the common problem user faces while working offline is How do I get Outlook to reconnect. User can take the assistance of the technical support team or follow this simple procedure to fix the problem.

  1. First of all, Open your outlook account and then sign into it.
  2. Then user needs to go to the File tab and then go to the account information.
  3. Further click on the Choose Account settings.
  4. Now on the Send/Receive tab user needs to choose work offline to reconnect.
  5. Repeat the action until the status changes shows to connected.

Since Outlook is the product of the Microsoft, that’s the reason outlook provides most of the services of Microsoft especially MS-office management. Outlook do connect with the Microsoft to use its various services but sometimes user does face certain issues, one of the common issue user face is regarding server connection issue but only few know how do I connect to the Microsoft exchange server . In order to connect the Microsoft exchange server, user needs to follow these simple procedures :

  • Open the file tab of outlook and then click on Account settings.
  • Now further click on the Account settings.
  • Select the exchange account and then on change.
  • Further click on More settings and then click on Connection tab.
  • Now Under the outlook anywhere, choose to connect to Microsoft exchange using HTTP check box.
  • Make sure to specify a proxy server and then click on Exchange Proxy settings.
  • Write down you URL provided by your Exchange administrator.
  • Make sure to checkmar the Secure Sockets Layser ( SSL ) connection.
  • Now look for the proxy authentication setting and click on Basic authentication or NTLM Authentication.

But sometimes user does face a basic problem of unaware about the server settings. Because Only few people knows about what are the server setting of outlook .The server settings of the outlook are :

  1. Account type : POP 3
  2. Incoming Mail server : Pop3.live.com
  3. Outgoing Mail Server : smtp.live.com
  4. Incoming server ( Pop 3 ) : Port 995
  5. Outgoing server ( SMTP ) : Port 587
  6.  Similar procedure for IMAP mail service only the Port no for POP 3 ( 993 ) and then for SMTP  ( 587 ).

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