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How To Fix The issue of AVG Antivirus Not Working?

An antivirus is a group of program that helps to keep the computer system safe from the external attacks of malware, spam and other viruses.

How to fix the issue of AVG Antivirus not working?

The users may fix the issue of AVG antivirus not working by following the steps stated below:

  1. Uninstalling the extra antivirus installed:The users should not install two antivirus programs in the computer in order to provide extra attention. Two active antivirus programs may cause a conflict which may result into AVG antivirus not working. In case the user have AVG and an another antivirus program, then the users may remove the conflicting program. The users may follow the steps properly and then uninstall the other antivirus program from their computer.
  2. Removing Conflicting Applications:  The users may remove several other programs and applications other than Avg antivirus that might be causing the issue of avg antivirus not scanning. If all these applications are removed, then there is a possibility that the antivirus starts working properly. 
  3. Trying to use the safe mode: The computer of the user may get infected with a virus , malware or a spyware which may  prevent the proper working of the antivirus program. The users may restart the computer and then boot into the safe mode. After this, the user may select the virus scan preferences and then run a virus scan.
  4. Updating Virus Definitions:  The security threats are constantly changing and evolving, thus the users need to do a periodic updation of the antivirus in order to resolve the issue of AVG antivirus not working.

These are some of the issues that will help to fix the issue of avg antivirus not opening. The users may contact the technical experts for fixing the issues faced by the users.

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