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How to Forgot Microsoft Account Password?

Microsoft provides a set of convenient steps to its users to reset the password without any hassle. You need to reset your password in two situation: either you have forgotten your password or you want to change your password. In both situations you can reset your password easily.

Steps to reset Microsoft account password:

  1. Following steps will guide you to change Microsoft account password:
  2. First of all, go to the Microsoft account page and switch to the RESET YOUR PASSWORD option that is displayed on the page.
  3. There, you will be asked to select the reason why you need to reset your password. Select your genuine reason and click on the NEXT button. 
  4. Enter your Microsoft account email address n the given field for which you want to reset the password.
  5.  Select the password recovery option from the given menu on the basis of available information and click on the NEXT button. If you have selected the option of “recover your password using phone number” then you will get a recovery code to your registered mobile number for verification.
  6. Enter the verification code that is sent to your registered mobile number in the given field. This is a security step which is carried out to verify the authentication of the user. 
  7. After entering the verification code in the required field, click on the NEXT button.
  8. Enter the character that is displayed on the screen to proceed.
  9. Now, you will get the option to reset a new password for your Microsoft account.
  10. Enter your new password in the “Enter your new password” field and retype your password in the “confirm password” field.
  11. Click on the SAVE button to restore the settings.

After following the given steps, you will be able to reset your Microsoft account password successfully. In case of any trouble during the process, you can contact MSN Password Reset Number to take assistance where you will be provided help to the best of their efforts in no wait time.

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