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Almost all of us these days have more than one online account and it is pretty hard to remember the email and password of all these accounts. Now a lot of us maintain the same by simply using one email and the password related to it over and over. But it is quite risky as if anyone gets to know about your email and password then that person will have access to all your personal details. Therefore it is quite recommended to not use your email more than once.  

Now, let’s talk about Facebook. Due to some issues such as you forgot your password or email id, then you can take help of will help you. 

But let us know how Facebook works. Well, it is quite simple, when you enter your email and password correctly, it grants you access and if there is even the slightest difference in your email or password then Facebook will block your access. If you cannot access your account and are looking forward to Facebook account recovery, then follow the below-mentioned information. 

  1. Open a web browser and the URL box enter the link:,
  2. Then follow the instructions that appear on the webpage, 
  3. It is important to make sure that you being the process only the device n which you have previously opened your account multiple times, 
  4. Then reset your new password and you are also set. 

Alternative Method – 

If you can’t follow the above-mentioned stepped then there is one other method for doing the same. Note that you can also Facebook account password reset via phone number. Now follow the given steps – 

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official website of Facebook, 
  2. Below all the empty boxes, you will see the small option of ‘Forget Account’, 
  3. No you can get a little access to your account by entering your email or phone number. But it is important to note that both the email and the phone number must be linked with the account you are trying t access. 
  4. Once you enter your email or phone number, and then click on the search button. 
  5. Because provide you two ways to get your access code. First as a message on your mobile phone or via email. 
  6. Enter the code you have received in the provided space. 
  7. Click on continue.
  8. Enter the new password in the given space and then again enter it one more time for confirmation. 
  9. Then click on continue and pick an option that suits you the most. 
  10. And finally your Facebook has been changing and your account has been recovered. 

Facebook To Recover Your Email Account 

Now in some cases, it might happen that you forgot your email address. Then you can also recover by following some simple steps- 

  1. Try to you use an alternative email or phone number. 
  2. You can access your account by using an alternative email or password that is mentioned in your list. 
  3. If you are looking for an alternative way then once again you can go to the provided link and follow the instructions to reset your email address. 
  4. Just make sure that you remember that you begin the process of resetting your email on the same device by which you have already accessed your account previously. 

Facebook makes sure that all your information and personal details remain intact even if you lose your account. But the same is not applicable in the case if your account is hacked. In addition, Facebook has also come up with various ways using which you can recover your account and the simplest way is by answering the security question. 

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