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How To Get Group A on Southwest Airlines?

Traveling for the first time with Southwest Airlines? Well, before you book your tickets with them here is a thing which you need to know. The Southwest Airline has a very different seating policy and boarding process as compared to the other airlines. So, if you wish to travel with Southwest airlines and want to ensure that you get the best seats to make sure you keep the pointers in mind that you will be provided in this article. 

As per the policy of Southwest Airlines, no passenger is allotted seats in advance. Further, they are required to board the plane and choose any of the seats. 

Tips to get a Group A boarding on Southwest Airlines: 

As Southwest Airlines follows the open seating policy, it is recommended that you board early than later to grab the best possible seats. According to the boarding policy of the airline, the passengers are allotted in different groups of boarding in which they are assigned a number from 1 to 60 and more. 

  1. Further, you can also improve your boarding position and get yourself a Group A boarding by using these tips: 
  2. Earn A-List preferred status: Try to improve your status with Southwest Airline. It is confirmed that the A-List passengers are given priority boarding position even before the general check-in position. 
  3. Early-bird check-in: If you can afford you can purchase yourself early-bird check-in this will ensure that you are provided with Group A boarding after Business select passengers and A-list. 
  4. Upgraded boarding: This simple tip ensures that you get A-1 to A-15 boarding position. Further, you can purchase this upgrade on the date of your journey. 
  5. Business select ticket: Though, this tip might cost you some bucks but will help you to get a Group A boarding position. 
  6. Check-in 24 hours before: This is another tip which guarantees that you will surely get a boarding position in Group A and in Group B. 

So, next time when you fly with Southwest Airlines make sure to keep these tips in mind to get yourself the best seats. 

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