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How To Get Safari Back on iPhone?

Here's out to fix it: Go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions. Next, tap Allowed Apps. Make sure the switches next to Safari, iTunes Store, and Camera are turned on. If you believe you deleted the App Store, go back to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Safari is the web browser in all iPhones. And it then is the best search engine created ever & installed in all the IOS items like, iphone, iPad, Mac, etc. it is the graphical web browser that has been developed by Apple, that is based on the WebKit engine. The Safari is known as the default browser of all Apple that installed on all Apple devices.

Sometimes Safari gets crashed because this browser stores various site data, history, & cache, cookies too on the Iphone. The stored data helps in faster loading if you use some of these sites frequently. And sometimes these data files get corrupted and as a result, it crashes the browser. In simple words, if say to stop this crashing thing you just need to clear this data on daily basis or on weekly basis, so get out from this issue. So if you are looking for how to get safari back on iphone, so to get the best solution for this option.

Then you just go through these below-mentioned points that will help you to get Safari back on your iphone;

  1. Firstly go down to the center of the screen, then go to the search box which is on top of the screen, then type safari, when the app icon is shown, now it will also show you the name of the folder that it has been moved in
  2. Or you can also open the app from the icon that is shown in the search results
  3. And if you want the previous layout of the iphone screen then just go to settings, click on the general option then on the reset & after that tap reset home screen layout
  4. Sometimes the restrictions are enabled for the Safari app on the iphone. So to turn the restriction of just visit settings, then click on general, then on restrictions & then turn off the restriction for Safari.

If you are looking for How do I restore Safari on my iPhone, so that you can easily use it without any hustle

Then go through these steps listed below;

  1. First open the settings option on your iphone
  2. Then search or scroll down to Safari & open it
  3. In that click on clear history & website data
  4. Then a notification will pop up on the screen & then wait for the process for which you have given command. Once, it is done all the data will be cleared
  5. At last you can move back to the home screen of the iphone & your Safari browser will be on the screen & will function properly.

How do I Get Safari back on my iPhone home screen?

Open Settings and tap on General and then Reset. From the list of options, choose “Reset Home Screen Layout”. On choosing this option, all the app icons will go back to their default positions on the Home screen. You can locate the Safari app icon to its default place on the Home screen of your device.

How do you get your Safari icon back?

On the Reset Screen, tap on Reset Home Screen Layout option. Resetting the Home Screen should bring back all the App icons to their Default positions. This should bring back the Safari Icon to its usual position on the Home screen of your iPhone.

How do I reinstall Safari on my iPhone?

How to remove Safari from iPhone or iPad

  1.     From your main screen, choose “Settings” and then tap “Safari”.
  2.     Scroll down and click on “Clear History and Website Data”.
  3.     Once again, tap “Clear History and Website Data” to confirm your choice.
  4.     Go back to your “Settings” and tap “General”.
  5.     Click to enable “Restrictions”.

How do I get Safari on my iPhone 6?

Enable JavaScript in Safari on an iPhone or iPod

  1.     Tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen.
  2.     Scroll the Settings page down to the bottom.
  3.     Tap the "Safari" menu option.
  4.     Scroll the "Safari" settings section down. 
  5.     Tap on the "Advanced" menu item.
  6.     Find the "JavaScript" setting.
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