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How To Open Facebook Account Without Phone Number?

Facebook account can easily be created with the use of various steps and further can any time access their account from any device and from computer system. The Facebook account can be created with or without the use of the phone numbers as it is not at all mandatory to enter the phone number. 

The user, on the other hand can any time add their phone numbers in their Facebook account Recovery whenever they wish to. Hence, mentioned below are the steps to create Facebook account without the use of phone numbers:

  1. First of all the user is required to access Facebook on their systems or mobile phones. 
  2. For this the user should go to the site m.facebook.com and should enter this in the address bar of the system. 
  3.  Once this is done, the user needs to select on sign up here menu and should then select on register using your email option. 
  4. Now, the user is required to fill the form that is displayed on the screen. 
  5. In the form the user is supposed to enter their full name, gender, date of birth, email etc. 
  6. The user should leave the phone number option space blank as it is not compulsory to mention the phone number.
  7. Once the user have entered all these details correctly, they should select on sign up and should start accessing their Facebook account.

How To Get FB Customer Service Number?

Furthermore, by these above stated steps the user will be able to sign up for their Facebook account without using the phone number. On the other hand, the user can even contact the Facebook Customer Service team and can get more information on this particular topic. The customer service can be contacted any time for getting the best help. The particular executives can be contacted on their phone numbers and also on their email address for help and support purpose. 

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