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How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password (with Pictures)?

If you are locked out of Hotmail account and needed to recover the password and you are still puzzled over the question of how do I change my password on my hotmail email account? You can do the recovery with following simple steps:

  1. Click on the browser.
  2. Go to the recovery page of hotmail.
  3. Select the reason to reset the account and click on Next.
  4. On the next page, enter the email address which you need to recover.
  5. Enter the captcha in the space provided.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. If you have activated two step verification and have the phone number with yourself, then, choose this option to recover your account.
  8. Enter the phone number in the space provided.
  9. A code is sent on the phone number.
  10. You are required to enter the code on the account recovery page.
  11. Follow the on -screen instructions to change the password.
  12. If phone number can’t be reached at the moment, then, you can try alternate options like recovering the account using alternate email ID.
  13. Enter the primary email ID in the space provided.
  14. Open a new tab.
  15. Enter the alternate email ID in the new tab.
  16. Enter the email ID and password.
  17. Click Next.
  18. Click on the link sent by hotmail team to reset the password.
  19. Reset the password and log out and next time when you log in, use new password to make log in.

Now, when you need to know how do i change my password on my Android phone, you can go through following steps to recover the account on Android phone:

  •  Click on the Settings icon.
  • Tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Go to Common settings.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Go to Account settings.
  • Tap on Username.
  • Tap on the password and update the password that matches the email server.

In these ways you can change the password of your account. It is advisable, you must change the account password from time to time, so that, nobody can access the account. Hotmail is the popular email service rendered by Microsoft. It has all the features of webmail, we can also call it a web based suite which consists of webmail, tasks, calendars, contacts. You can set up the password of hotmail with above method.

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