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How to Set Up Gmail on an iPhone?

Gmail account is considerably user-friendly service in order use on an iPhone device. It is quite simple to setup and installs on iPhone device. But quite of few people who are not able to do the same task on their iPhone device. At this, this article is one of the best assistance to go ahead with the procedure of setting up Gmail account on an iPhone.

Following are the steps on how to setup Gmail on an iPhone device:

  1. At first, start on your iPhone device and go to the mail, contact, calendar and move to the next.
  2. Select add account button and hit on add another email account tab.
  3. Enter the correct email address and password and click the IMAP mail server.
  4. Select the port number to enter 143 and select enable button.
  5. Click SMTP mail server button and select a port number to enter 25 and select enable button.
  6. Press add button and select SSL mail server button to sync mail, contact, and calendar button.
  7. Wait for a second and enter the password at the end of the procedure.

Having completed the task, check out the emails from the Gmail’s inbox pretty easily. For additional help and information related to the Gmail account, visit Gmail support center which is on at any time to provide help easily. 

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