How To Update Facebook Account ?

Facebook is a webmail service where one can connect with anybody in the world, can share his views, photos, videos and can do chat with messenger. It is a social media platform where anyone can get connected with any body. Person can create his own Facebook page to share his ideas or business or or photos etc. With the smart Phone technology, Facebook is also available as a app which user can install and access anywhere. Also, many applications are linked with Facebook for quick and easy sharing.

Updating a Facebook account is not mandatory but if one do that, it always helps in having latest features and options. If user updates his Facebook page regularly then it may get noticed by thousands of other people. So here it is discussed , how to keep the Facebook account up to date.

How do I update my Facebook ?

  1. For desktop, there is no need to update.
  2. If you are using Facebook app on any smart phone, then you can remove it and re install the app again.
  3. One can get the updated version of app from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

How do you update your Facebook page?

  1.  Go to top of your Facebook page.
  2. Click on the drop down button, Edit.
  3. Then click on the sub menu, Update Public Info.
  4. A form will be displayed.
  5. Fill the required information about the page.
  6. Edit the page profile picture if required.
  7. Finally click on Update Page button.

How do you update your browser on your Facebook?

  1. It is basically a compatibility issue. If user has the latest version of Facebook but the browser has become very much older then many times user may see the error message like "update your browse"or "open the Facebook in compatibility mode"etc. This may affect few features like auto spell check will not work etc.
  2. As Microsoft has limited its support for Internet Explorer user should switch to another powerful browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  3. Make sure that the internet connection is fast and consistent.
  4. when you see the message on Facebook, "For better Facebook experience, switch to basic web site or update the browser.". Click on the option , "Update Browser".
  5. Follow the on screen instructions.
  6. Get the updated version of the browser for much better experience of browsing.

How do I update Facebook app on my kindle fire?

  1.  Open the Kindle fire.
  2. Then tap on Tabs.
  3. Again tap on Store.
  4. Then tap on Menu button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Here user can see various options like Settings, App Updates etc. So tap on App Updates.
  6. Choose Facebook.
  7. The update will start if there will be any.
  8. Wait for few seconds to finish.
Faysal Ahamed Fahim
Facebook Account Update
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