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How To Update Google Play Application?

Google Play store which was known as Android Market formerly is actually a kind of market place. Just like a market, you can purchase (install) any app from Google Play store. Google Play is a digital distribution service developed and operated by Google. 

Applications on Google Play are available for the users to install for free or by paying a cost. Not only applications, but Google Play has been serving as a digital media store that offers movies, television programs, books, and music. As Google Play is a place where you can install an application from and can also update your apps from time to time, this store needs to stay updated as well. As the saying goes, “sound mind in a sound body”, your apps will stay updated in an updated shell of an application. 

Therefore, it is obligatory on your part to update your Google Play application to take advantage of undisturbed applications on your device. However, most of you won’t probably know how to update the Google Play application because let’s just accept this fact that we did not consider updating the application in the first place. Well, no worries as you can update your Google Play easily and if you find it difficult to do it on your own, then you can get in touch with Google Play customer support

What Will Happen If You Will Not Update Google Play Store?

Google Play store acts as a mediator between the users and Google. It helps the android users to enjoy unlimited free of cost apps and also maintains the apps in a systematic manner. It would be such a loss if Google Play store stops working. Let’s see what it can cost you if your Google Play store does not work-

  1. You might not be able to install new applications.
  2. You might not be able to update your existing applications. 
  3. You might lose your data if you won’t update some of your applications. 

It would be difficult for you to operate the apps that are not updated, hence you would have to update your Google Play store at the earliest. 

Steps to update Google Play Store-

If you don’t want to stop installing and updating applications in your device, then you must update your Google Play store. Follow the below mentioned steps to update Google Play application on your own. 

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device. 
  2. To check for an update, click on the slide-menu button given on the upper left corner of the app to open the menu. 
  3. Scroll down to reach the section of Settings. 
  4. After reaching the Settings section, scroll down to find the About section. In the About section, you will get to know the version of Google Play Store you are using. When you tap on the Play Store version, you will see whether your Play Store version is updated or not. 
  5. If no update is available on your device for your Google Play Store, then you will see the option of “Google Play Store is up to date”. If an update is available then the update will start to download immediately. 

To enjoy the new features and new updates on your existing apps, keep updating your Google Play Store as well. 

Different ways to contact Google Play Store Customer Service-

If you are not able to update the Google Play Store on your own or if you are facing any other issues with the application, then you can get in touch with Google Play customer service to get the assistance and step by step help to solve your problem. 

  1. Online- You can get online help by reaching the official website of Google Play Store. Search for “Google Play Store Help” on your web browser and you will reach directly to the Help Page. On that page, you will see a search box, where you can search the topic you need help on. Moreover, you can choose from the topics that are listed there on that page. 
  2. Via Call- You can also call on Google Play help desk number to talk to a live person. Explain to the help agent the problem you are dealing with, and you will get the best and prompt solution for your query. 
  3. Via Mail- You can also contact Google Play store via mail. Open your Play Store App, reach the “Help & Feedback” section, then scroll down to reach “Contact Us” option. Follow the further steps to finish the process and choose the option of “Email us” when asked for “Contact options”.

Follow the above mentioned steps to contact Google Play Store customer service. However, the most convenient way to get help from Google Play Store is to call on Google Play phone number, because you will get to speak to a help agent directly and you can get your problem solved hand to hand.

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