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How To Upgrade Seat on Scoot Airlines?

Passengers often prefer making flight reservations in the upper class for the fancy services they offer. And a lot of airlines give their passengers a lot of flight deals to help passengers make flight booking in upper class. And if you book flights with the Scoot Airlines and want to upgrade the seat, there are a lot of alternatives with which you can do so. Here are a few methods of upgrading the flight seat in the Scoot Airlines. 

Ways of upgrading the flight seat in the Scoot Airlines  

To upgrade the Scoot Airlines seat booking, there are a few methods of the seat upgrade open for the passengers. Tap below for the detailed methods of seat upgrade.

Scoot Airlines Reservation helpline number

To make the seat upgrade in the Scoot airlines, you can take the help of the reservation helpline number. To upgrade the flight seat in the airline, first of all call on the number and give the flight details. Once you give the flight details, the airline staff will upgrade the seat if available. The helpline number works 24x7. 

Check in counter of the airline 

For upgrading the flight seat offline, you can also go the check in ticket counter of the airline. The ticket counter of the Scoot Airline is available on all the prominent airports and you can book offline tickets or even upgrade it on the counter live. 

On the flight 

If you wish to upgrade the flight seat, then you can also upgrade it on the flight itself. For upgrading the flight seat, you can reach the airport early and check in. And once done, you can request the airline staff and if possible they will upgrade the flight seat onboard only. 

Bid for Scoot Plus 

For upgrading the flight seat in the Scoot Airlines, you can also redeem the points of Scoot plus membership. The deadline of the Scoot plus Airlines is 27 hours before the flight departure and if you request for the upgrade then it might get upgraded before it. 

Terms and conditions for flight upgrade 

To upgrade your scoot airlines seat selection, you can easily do that but there are a few terms and conditions for that. And for the seat upgrade, you have to follow the rules.

  • To upgrade the seat, you need a confirmed flight reservation. 
  • For the seat upgrade, it would depend on the seat availability. 
  • For upgrading the flight seat, you have to pay for the changes and that would depend on the type of flight seat you have booked.

And hence with this, you can easily upgrade your seats. And in case of doubt, you can contact the Scoot Airlines Customer Service


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