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How To Upgrade Seat on Virgin Airlines?

Like several other airlines, Virgin Airlines also offers the option of seat upgrade to its passengers. Whenever you upgrade your booking, the extra facilities are added to your itinerary, updating all the services. If you wish to travel more comfortably with more services and facilities, you can choose the option of a seat upgrade. To upgrade your seat with Virgin Airlines, you can use the official website or contact Virgin Airlines customer service. For detailed info on seat upgrade in Virgin Airlines, you can go through the details available here.

Seat upgrade Virgin Airlines

If you wish to upgrade your seat or cabin, it is easy through the seat upgrade options. By upgrading your seat, you can enjoy the extra legroom in the Economy Delight and Premium class of the airline. For the best services and luxury, you can choose the Upper class. To upgrade the booking, there are 3 different ways:

  1. Pay for an upgrade
  2. Upgrade with Virgin points
  3. Bid for an upgrade

Pay for an upgrade

In this upgrade option, you can simply pay for the upgrade by modifying the itinerary details. For Virgin Airlines seat upgrade through Manage Booking, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the Virgin Airlines homepage, navigate to My Trips.
  2. Initially, you need to get your itinerary on the screen.
  3. You need to provide the first name, last name and the booking reference code for itinerary retrieval. 
  4. With these details, you can access your itinerary.
  5. After checking your eligibility criteria, you need to upgrade your booking.
  6. You can choose the class of travel as per your convenience.
  7. After selecting the class and paying or the upgrade, you will have an updated itinerary on your email.
  8. If you have selected any seat, it will not be there. You have to select the seat again if required.

Upgrade with Virgin Airlines Points

When you fly with Virgin Airlines frequently, the airline offers you with the reward points. You can use the reward points for shopping, booking a ticket, upgrading, etc. For upgrading the seat in Virgin Airlines with reward points, you have to redeem the points and get the updated booking. It is mostly used for economy class bookings.

  1. In the standard season of reward flights, the upgrade starts with 18,000 points.
  2. In peak season reward flights, at least 22,000 points are required for the upgrade.

To book a reward flight with points, you just need to select pay with points while searching for the award flights.

Bid for an upgrade

If you wish to upgrade your flight to the next cabin, you can make a bid for the upgrade. If your bid wins, you will get the preferred seat. If you want to know about upgrade bid for Virgin Airlines seat assignment, its steps are:

  1. Access your itinerary.
  2. Then, tell how much you want to pay for the upgrade by making an online bid. It is allowed until 2 days before the scheduled departure.
  3. If your bid wins, you will have an upgraded booking. You will get an email regarding the same.

For any other queries, you can dial Virgin Airlines phone number and get in touch with customer support. You can find all the contact details on the official website operated by Virgin Airlines.

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