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How To use Facebook on Android Phone?

  1. Facebook is the social networking website that does not require any kind of introduction. As everyone is aware of its main purpose, it can be seen that users from all across the world are connected and using this application fondly. It has received an overwhelming response from the users and because of its outstanding performance and services, around one thousand people join this platform on a daily basis. 
  2. With the increasing technology and growing awareness amongst the users from all across the world, Facebook also has seen changes and upgrades to vast extent making it easier for users to use it. This social networking website has an active team working for it right from starting and getting the idea about the issues and concerns that users face based on which Facebook hits with a new function to fix. 
  3. Also, with the developments in the technology, Facebook can now be used as an application on different devices. However, it is also common that users face issues when using the application on their Android device. If you are one such user who is facing Facebook not working issues on your Android device then you shall not be disappointed. There are always resolutions to every problem that arises. Hence, your issue can also be resolved so refer the information below to fix the same. 

Reasons That Caused Facebook Not Working on Android Phone! 

To start with, let us make you aware of some reasons that might have caused Facebook to not work in its proper way. This issue is discussed below. 

  1. The very first and also the main cause is when your Android device does not have stable internet connection. 
  2. Another issue is when Facebook is not updated to its latest version. 
  3. When users do not clear the cookies and caches from the settings of Facebook as well as Android phone. 
  4. Also when users do not update their Android versions to the latest one. 
  5. The issue can also be caused when you do not enter correct login credentials and because of which your Facebook is locked. 

There can be many other reasons that can cause Facebook not responding to issues and causing hindrances for the users. To get the issues resolved you can follow the steps below. 

Ways to Fix Facebook Not Working Issue on Android Phone! 

  1. Start by checking the internet connection. If not working on your device then you need to connect the device once again. And if the issue still persists then you need to contact the operator to look into the matter. 
  2. From the Play Store, check the version of Facebook that you are using. If not updated then update the version to the latest one. 
  3. Now if the above step did not help then you can try to clear the caches and cookies from the settings of the Facebook. You can also clear the application cookies from the phone’s settings. 
  4. Even if you have updated Facebook, you also need to update your Android version to the latest one if not updated. 
  5. You can try to fix the issue of Facebook incorrect login by recovering your Facebook account without the two-factor authentication option. You can choose to recover with the help of text or email and get back the access of the account. 
  6. You also can try to restart your Android device as this will refresh the phone and then you can check whether Facebook is working or not. 

So, with the help of the above steps you come to get the resolutions fixed whenever Facebook stops working. The users who have some other issues with Facebook can choose to contact Facebook customer service that is made available on the various platforms.  

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