Korean Airlines Cancellation Policy

For a reservation that is booked and ticketed through Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air Service center (800-438-5000), or Korean Air homepage (www.koreanair.com Open in new window) one week or more prior to the first departure date of your itinerary, you will receive a refund for the ticket without penalty.

Category Region No-Show Penalty Cancellation after entering the departure area
Long Haul America/Europe/Middle East/Oceania/Africa USD 120
CAD 120
GBP 80
USD 320
CAD 390
GBP 240
Medium Haul Southeast Asia/Southwest Asia/Tashkent USD 70
CAD 70
USD 270
CAD 340
Short Haul Korea/Japan/China/Hong Kong/Taipei/Ulaanbaatar/Vladivostok/Irkutsk USD 50
CAD 50
USD 250
CAD 320

Are Korean Air tickets refundable?

Refund Penalty and Refund Service Charge are exempted when refund requests before 91 days or longer prior to departure date. In case of combination of fares, the most restrictives rule applies. In case of itinerary not originating from Korea, refund penalty are applied regardless of refund request time.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) intends to require airlines to provide a full ticket refund—and not charge a cancellation fee-if a passenger chooses to cancel their flight 90 days or more before their departure date. “Essentially, it removes non-refundable tickets from the market.

A. Many airlines do still offer what are called compassionate fares or bereavement travel. Other airlines that offer compassionate fares include Air Canada, Air France, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, Continental, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Vueling and Westjet.

How much is the tax refund in Korea?

Tax Refunds on shopping at a franchise

After making your purchase (over 30,000 KRW), present your passport to a store employee and request a tax refund form. You must possess both the refund form issued by the store and the receipt of purchase until departure.

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