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What Bag Size Do You Carry on Spirit Airlines For Free?

Spirit airline is a low cost airline, providing you really cheap fares for one way trips. For instance, for a one way flight the fares will be $19. Yes, only $19 is not a scam, you can really fly away for just $19 each way per person, or even cheaper with a kids fly free deal tacked on if you are flying on Spirit Airlines. 

While making a plan to visit somewhere and thinking What size bag is free on Spirit? First you need to choose the right bag to avoid the Spirit Airline baggage fees.  

We have found that small traditional backpacks such as the one we use at the middle school, are pretty good examples. Many of the large backpacks and fancier ones are technically too large. However, Spirit airline does not have a reputation for being stuck toward the passengers to stay exactly within the size guidelines. Taking a backpack with laptop compartment size at 12x8x18 will work wonders when you don't want to pay charges or avoid carry-on baggage fees. 

What size bag is free on Spirit and what Weight and size are restricted for Bags

Spirit airlines charges on checked bags and carry-on baggage to refer to their Bare fare policy of the flight ticket prices. For carry-on  bags over 40Ibs more charges are there since the weight of the additional bags requires more gas for the airlines. Your flight ticket will include one small backpack or a small purse. If you want to take another personal bag you will need to pay for it, or any other bigger size bags. 

  1. Personal items: if you are thinking about Can you bring a backpack on Spirit for free?  Spirit airlines allow passengers to carry one personal item for free and if you have another carry-on bag that will be charged. Personal items should be fit entirely with the small size box or bag. It should include the handles and the wheels. If you are having another personal item or anything of a larger size bags then it will be charged as a spirit airline carry-on bag. Then the dimensions should not be 18x14x8 inches. It may include any wheels or handles. For Examples, the personal items are a backpack or a purse.
  2. Carry-on bags:  the maximum dimensions of the bags is 22x18x10 inches or (56x46x25 cm). If the airline feels that it cannot safely go on a certain flight, the airline might ask you to check in that bag. 
  3. Checked bags: the maximum dimensions of the checked bag should be 62 linear inches are calculated by adding the dimensions, height and width of the particular checked bags. This may include wheels and handles. The maximum weight of the checked bag should be 40 pounds or 18.1 kg. If your bag weight goes beyond the weight or the dimensions limits given by the airline it will be considered as an oversized bag or overweight bag. If the bag is oversized or overweight you have to pay the extra charges for it. And the spirit airline won't allow bags weighing more than 100 pounds which is 45 kg or have a more than 80 linear inches measurements. 

The Restrictions on the Number of Bags

  1. The airline will allow you one pid check bag for every passenger. 
  2. Any overweight items should not be go beyond the maximum limit which is given by the airline
  3. Any oversized bag should not exceed 80 linear inches.
  4. Few items such as sports equipment can exceed the limit of 80 linear inches. But these items should not go beyond the limits of 50 ibs. 
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