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What happens if you miss connecting flight due to delay?

Delta airlines is the major American airlines serving domestic and international networks that conclude 304 destinations in 52 countries on six continents. It operates over 5400 flights daily. Delta is the member of the Sky Team airlines alliance and the world’s second largest airline in scheduled passenger carried and fleet size. Delta operates a fleet of 885 aircrafts manufactured by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas. Delta ranked 75 in terms of revenue in the fortune 500 list by the largest American corporations. Delta airlines is one of the predecessors of today before Western Airlines and Northwest Airlines began its flying in 1926.  

Have you missed your connecting flight?

Have you ever fall in such situation where your connecting flight missed due to delayed initial flight? If yes then you don’t need to worry as there is a subtle solution for this situation. There can be two situations when you can miss your connecting flight:

Missing your flight due to delayed initial flight

If you missed your flight because of airlines fault which can be a delayed initial flight for any reason like due to mechanical problem etc. In this case airlines will be obliged to rebook you on the next available flight. If the next available flight is next morning then meals and accommodation might be provided by the airlines but this is not mandatory on the part of the airlines.

There can be two cases for the same situation:

  1. Case 1: When you book the ticket with the same airlines In this case when you book the ticket with the same airlines under the same booking number then airlines will take the full responsibility and help you rebook on the next available flight.
  2. Case 2: When you book the ticket with different airlines In this case when you book the ticket with different airlines and you have two separate booking numbers then airlines will consider it as two separate tickets and not take the responsibility for delayed initial flight.

However bad weather and mechanical problems are not in your control. In such case you can take steps to make your connection. Always keep in mind to take extra more time in between flights for the connection.

Delta Airlines Manage booking steps:

  1. Step 1: Go to the official site of Delta Airlines
  2. Step 2: Navigate to SkyMiles – Manage your account
  3. Step 3: Click manage your account
  4. Step 4: Enter SkyMiles Number or username and Password
  5. Step 5: Click login button to enter Delta Airlines manage booking panel

You can see the list of your previous booked flight ticket list and cancel your flight under manage booking panel. You can always save your time at the airport by doing check-in online upto 24 hours before departure. If you feel any issue with your Delta manage booking online then you can always contact customer support of Delta airlines for any help as they are the experts to provide the assistance.

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