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What I Do If My American Airlines Flight Was Cancelled?

This article discusses what to do if your American Airlines flight gets cancelled. American Airlines's cancellation policy is described, including a description of the situations they will give refunds for and which ones are not eligible. Instructions for requesting a cancellation refund are given for both online and mail requests.

If your American Airlines flight was cancelled, your trip could be thrown into serious disarray or even ruined entirely. Read on to find out what to do if this happens.

American Airlines' Cancellation Policy

When American Airlines has to cancel a flight because of events beyond their control like bad weather, they will rebook you on the next available flight and reroute your bags when you check in for that new flight. If you are delayed getting to your destination by 4 hours or less, and your ticket was not a nonrefundable ticket, then you are eligible for a refund in the original form of payment, less any cancellation fees. If you were delayed by more than 4 hours then you are eligible for a refund no matter what kind of ticket you bought. If you were switched from a nonstop to connecting flight, or had to change airlines, you are eligible for a refund even without a delay involved.

If Your Flight Gets Cancelled

The first thing to do is to go to an American Airlines desk and speak to one of their representatives. They will work with you to find a flight that will still get you to your destination on time. You can check on their progress by opening the American app, by checking under "Your Trips" on the company's website, and by entering your record locator or scanning your boarding pass at a kiosk.

How to Request a Refund

  1. Check that your ticket is eligible for a refund according to American Airlines' cancellation refund policy.
  2. Go to American Airlines' refund request form page.
  3. Enter your ticket number in the upper text box under the Request a Refund header.
  4. Enter your last name in the lower text box under the Request a Refund header.
  5. Click on the Submit button.

The refund could take as many as 7 days to be applied to your credit card. If you cannot make the request online for some reason, mail your refund request to:

  1. American Airlines
  2. Attention: Passenger Refunds
  3. 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
  4. Phoenix, AZ 85034

If you have need assistance you can contact American Airlines' customer service. It can be reached by phone, through an online help desk, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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