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What is American Airlines Name Correction Policy?

American Airlines is absolutely passenger-friendly as they recognize their need significantly. That is why American Airlines represents specific policies like allowing change flight details afterward which are somehow entered wrong by the passenger during original booking. At the same time, American Airlines also provides the facility for flight cancellation when the passenger is unsure about any current booking. Inserting passenger name incorrectly is the most frequent error made by the people for which American Airlines has a particular policy. More significant details about the name correction policy of American Airlines are given below, additionally cancellation terms are also provided.

What are the rules for correcting passenger’s name?

American Airlines name correction policy defines the rules for the types of error allowed to be corrected in passengers name in a booked ticket. Also the cost charged by American Airlines for applying name change is given under this policy as described below:

  • Correction on the passenger name for a minor spelling mistake is permitted by the American Airlines as per its policy
  • Moreover, American Airlines allows to change the passenger’s surname completely in legal condition such as wedding or divorce of that particular person
  • Last name correction in legal cases is only permitted after showing the proper documents of proof
  • Name correction fee is 200 dollars for domestic passengers while it is 700 dollars for international passengers.

How to process name correction on American Airlines?

If you are thinking about the procedure to correct name on American Airlines flight ticket follow the enlisted instructions:

  • Visit American Airlines website and open to My Trips section available on home page
  • Then submit your Booking ID in the designated field
  • Next, enter last and first name of passenger as well
  • Then tap on find reservation to retrieve whole list
  • Hereafter, choose a single flight for name correction
  • Then modify the name and pay the fee applied for it

What are the rules to cancel American Airlines flight?

In case the modification you want to make in passenger’s name is not permissible under its name correction policy, then simply cancel it. For knowing American Airlines cancellation policy read the points from below:

  • Cancelling a ticket between 24 hour time limit is permissible for free on those flights whose scheduled departure is after 7 days
  • On the other hand cancelling a flight after 24 hour time period or whose scheduled departure is within 7 days costs a certain fee
  • This cancellation fee is deducted from the original ticket value before refunding the amount back to the passengers account

Further, you are advised to contact the American Airlines customer service team for identifying additional reservation service details about them. In this way, you get the opportunity to communicate with an American Airlines executive directly for obtaining proper guidance towards different categories of queries you want to ask.

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