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What is Ryanair Manage Booking Policy?

Ryanair is an Irish low fare airlines which was originally introduced in 1984. Ryanair flies in more than 40 countries that are Europe, North America and the Middle east. It was first introduced as “Danren Enterprises” and later was renamed as Ryanair. It began working in 1985. The airlines slowly introduced new international flying routes. If you have finally decided to travel to your dream destination after spending almost a year in lockdown at your native places and want to know more about Ryanair manage booking portal, then you are at the right place. As below we have mentioned all the relevant information for passengers who might need assistance regarding their bookings. 

From the managed booking portal you can not only print your boarding pass or check your flight status but you can also modify your booking by changing or rescheduling your flight. In case you need any special assistance you can add a message with your ticket in the manage booking portal of the Ryanair airlines. 

Ryanair manage booking policy 

Things you can do or the services which you can retrieve from this section of the website are - 

  1. Passengers can check-in online 
  2. Passengers can get their boarding passes printed 
  3. Ryanair manage reservations 
  4. Can change their flight or passengers name 
  5. Add special assistance 
  6. Change seats 
  7. Cancel or reschedule their booking details 
  8. Ask for refund 
  9. Check live status of their flight 

The tickets usually are non-refundable, however you might receive a refund if you cancel your flight before 1 month or at least 6 weeks before the departure. You will have to pay a fee for receiving a refund which depends on your route of travel. 

  1. If you have to cancel your ticket due to any unforeseen event then you will not receive any refund, Ryanair does not follow 24 hour policy 
  2. If Ryanair cancels the flight due to personal reason then passengers can claim for compensation
  3. However, Ryanair won't pay any compensation for reasons which are beyond control like earthquakes, floods, security problems etc. 

One can manage their claim through the official website of the airline or can contact the airline team for assistance regarding your travel. If your travel route was under 1500 km then you might receive a refund of $277. For passengers whose flight was covering a distance of 1500 km to 3500 km will receive $442 as a claim amount. 

You can cancel your ticket via online official portal or by directly visiting the ticket counter of the airline to your nearest airport for contacting Ryanair live person. In case you are canceling your flight due to serious health reasons then you can contact the airline and attach the health certificate with your cancellation, then you might be eligible for a refund if the airline considers your reason valid. 

Steps to cancel your Ryanair flight via online medium 

  1. Visit the official website of the airlines 
  2. Go to the manage my account portal 
  3. Search for the flight you want to cancel 
  4. Go on manage my booking 
  5. Tap on the cancel option 
  6. Now go through the consent page thoroughly 
  7. Proceed
  8. Verify your booking details 
  9. Submit the relevant health related certificates 
  10. Review your details once again before conforming 
  11. Check the refund amount 

The airline sends mail directly to the passengers mail account and contact number which are linked with the booking after you make any small change to it. 

Ryanair 24/7 hour Cancellation Policy 

Ryanair is one of those airlines which do not follow a 24 hour cancellation policy. Which means if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it then you won't be eligible for a refund unlike other airlines which follow this rule. However, you might receive a refund after paying a fee of $19 to $22 , if you cancel your ticket before 1 month of the actual departure date. 

You can contact the Ryanair live chat professional experts regarding your travel issue or for knowing more about ticket cancellation or refund issues. These experts will provide you instant assistance with relevant solutions for resolving your query. You can also mail the airlines, in case you need your query to be solved instantly you should consider calling the booking counter of the airline. You will find the contact details of the same from the official website of the Ryanair airlines according to your region. 

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