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What is The Pet Policy For American Airlines?

Are you looking for information about American Airlines' pet policy because you want to travel with your pet? If your pet is accompanying you on a flight, you should be aware that American Airlines has a very secure pet policy. On the basis of the terms and conditions outlined in the pet policy, American Airlines allows passengers to travel with their pets. Are you also thinking about that how much does American Airlines charge for pets? By going through the details given below, you will find the most reliable information related to American Airlines' pet policy and the cost they charge for bringing a pet.

What is the American Airline’s pet policy?

If you're planning a trip with American Airlines and need to carry your pet along, you can rest easy knowing that it's a pet-friendly airline. The following are the important details concerning pet policy for American Airlines, which is focused on certain terms and conditions.

Pets in the cabin

  1. You can bring small dogs or cats into the cabin if they are at least 8 weeks old.
  2. You must place your pet in a carrier that is at least 19 x 13 x 9 inch in size, has a waterproof bottom, enough space for the pet to stand and turn around, is securely fastened, and has sufficient ventilation.
  3. American Airlines allows only one pet per passenger unless the passenger is carrying a mother cat or dog with their un-weaned offspring.
  4. Two pets of the same breed and size might be permitted in one pet carrier if there is enough space for them both to stand and turn around, but the combined weight of the carrier and the pets should not exceed 20 pounds.
  5. American does not allow pets in the cabin on transpacific or transatlantic flights, and birds are not allowed in any flight cabin.

Checked pets

  1. You can bring up to two checked pets with you if they meet the destination's minimum age and health criteria. Since space is restricted, airlines allow checked pets on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Reservations for a checked pet must be made at least 48 hours in advance of travel, and you must check in at the ticket counter with a complete checklist and a health certificate not earlier than 4 hours before your flight.

What does it cost to book a pet on American Airlines?

To book your pet on a flight with American Airlines, you must pay a fee, the specifics of which are mentioned below.

  • Bringing your pet in an airline carrier costs $125 USD and counts as a piece of carry-on baggage on American Airlines.
  • Checked pets on an American Airlines flight are charged $200.
  • American Airlines does not charge a fee for bringing a service animal on a flight.

You can ask for more details by calling American Airlines telephone number if you still have some query about the pet policy of the airlines. American Airlines has a genuine policy for passengers travelling with pets, and they also offer comprehensive assistance to passengers who have any questions through their customer service center.

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