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What to do if your Roku is not working?

Roku is a brand known for the digital media players which has a number of series. A Roku device receives input through wired or Wi-Fi connection. The output is received through video cable or audio cable.

There is a large series of Roku devices which varies according to user’s requirements. The commonly used series is Roku3. While using the Roku3 device, users may find some issues. In order to check the fixes, the user can try out Roku3 troubleshooting steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. The user can check the internet connection to which the Roku device is connected.
  2. The wrong information of Wi-Fi might be causing the issue.
  3. The IP address of the internet or device might be wrong which is not allowing the device to get connected to the internet.
  4. The user might be experiencing poor quality video even if the internet speed is high.
  5. If any other device is connected to the internet while using Roku3, it might be affecting the speed. So, other devices should be disconnected at the time when Roku3 is being used.
  6. The issue might be due to the remote control. In case if it is not working properly, battery could be replaced, pairing issue could be there, remote and roku device need to be restarted.
  7. The errors might come up while updating. It could be due to the Firewall which is blocking the connection.
  8. When the power light in the device is not turning ON, in this case the user needs to disassemble the device as the LED lights might be touching RF antenna resulting in buzzing sound.

In case, the user has a query that how do I resolve problems with my Roku device, then the following steps could be followed to have a solution:

How do I fix my Roku remote?

The remote and Roku device needs to be restarted.

  1. For restarting the remote, the batteries are taken out from the battery compartment of remote.
  2. The power cable is removed for 5 seconds and then plugged back.
  3. As the Roku displays the home screen, the batteries are re-inserted and the connection is established.

The re-pairing of the remote is done.

  1. After repeating the above mentioned steps, in the next step the user has to press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds which could be found inside the battery compartment. If it does not flash the light, the batteries need to be replaced with new ones.
  2. The user needs to wait for nearly 30seconds while the remote is being connecting with Roku device.
  3. On the TV there should be dialog box which only appears on remote pairing.

The battery replacement option is also there.

  1. The old batteries are removed from the battery compartment.
  2. The power cable is removed from the Roku device for 5 seconds and then plugged back.
  3. When the first screen is displayed on the screen, the new should be inserted.
  4. The message of remote pairing should appear on the screen.

The remote needs to be replaced.

  1. If none of the above mentioned fixes work, the user is required to replace the remote with a new one.
  2. Before purchasing a new device, the list of compatible products should be checked.

These are steps are followed in the case of Roku remote not working.
To know more about the services of Roku or any query is there, the support department of Roku can be contacted. The executives could be reached using the contact details available on the Roku website. 

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