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Which is the best free antivirus for PC?

Antivirus is a program which is downloaded and installed in the PC to shield it against any digital virus attack. It is one of the crucial software to have on your PC which boosts the security of your PC. With the increase in our online activities the need to have an antivirus program on PC is somewhat mandatory. PC users are often confused about which Antivirus program they should use. Getting the correct software for your PC is easy when you know what to look and contact its antivirus customer service.

Features of ideal antivirus software for PC

There are various features of the ideal antivirus program using which you can identify the suitable antivirus for your PC which are  given below:

  • First and foremost, the antivirus should maintain your privacy on your PC.

  • Protect your PC while using an unsafe website or other online activities.

  • Do not let any virus to enter the OS of your PC and erase the existing virus from the PC.

  • Able to scan all the files of your PC and detect the virus with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Allows you to access the 24/7 available Antivirus customer service by various contact methods.

  • Permits you to take the backup of your important files and folders of PC.

  • Prevent you from downloading any malicious file into your PC.

  • Update itself automatically regularly with latest virus or malware information.

Considering all of these points, undoubtedly, Norton is the best antivirus for your PC. Which covers all these features and gives you other updates as well as a password manager and script blocker.

How do I email Norton Security?

Norton users always employ Email as their preferred option. You can easily connect with Norton Security with the following process:

  • First, you are required to visit the official Norton website on your browser.

  • Now, click on the support option and move to the customer service page.

  • Here, navigate to the email support section and select the email address according to your need.

  • Now, you need to create a new email in which you should clearly mention your credentials as well as your issue.

  • Send it to the Norton Security and you will obtain the official reply shortly containing all the details about the solution.

How do I call Norton Security?

In this case, you can connect with the Norton live person with these steps:

  • First, you should visit the official Norton security website and navigate to the support section.

  • In the customer support section, select the Contact Us link and visit phone number section.

  • Here, you should fill the contact form and submit it to get the helpline number details.

  • Dial that number and connect with the Norton live agent on the call.

  • Speak to him about your issue and give as much relevant information as you can.

  • Based on your description, the live person will analyze the situation and provide the best possible solution to you.

  • Now, you only need to apply that solution and fix the query which you have.

Apart from this, you can also contact the Antivirus customer service by using the live chat option and get the required virtual assistance.

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