Booked a ticket with Xtra Airways? Xtra Airways serve their passengers with the services that help in easy booking and cancellation of the ticket. All the facilities are provided for the convenience of passengers.

Get info about cancellation policy

  1. In order to cancel a booking with Xtra Airways, a passenger can simply follow the cancellation steps. The cancellation of a booking is processed according to the cancellation policy of the airline, which is as follows:
  2. For full refund of ticket, the booking should be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase.
  3. After 24 hours of booking, any change or cancellation involves cancellation fee. The fees vary according to the destination and type of ticket purchased.
  4. The refund of cancellation is processed in the same mode of payment as it was paid.
  5. The cancellation fee is charged according to the fare rules of Xtra Airways.

This is Xtra Airways cancellation policy. 

  1. Get info about baggage policy
  2. Xtra Airways recently changed their baggage policy and to know about the changes, a passenger can refer below mentioned points on baggage policy:
  3. A passenger can carry a maximum of 2 pieces in baggage which should not weigh more than 32kg. 
  4. The dimensions of the baggage should not exceed 158cm or 62 linear inches.
  5. If extra baggage is carried by the passenger, they have to pay excess baggage fees.
  6. For special items, a passenger can check the rules on the website or contact the support team.
  7. The baggage allowance and excess baggage fee varies according to the type of ticket purchased and destination.
  8. The items such as weapons, medications, cylinders, sharp objects, etc. are not allowed in the flights.

Xtra Airways Baggage Policy.

For any further query, customer support of Xtra Airways can be contacted. The representatives of the airline will assist the passenger with all the services and facilities to improve the travel experience. They can be contacted through phone and email as per convenience. The contact details are provided on the official website of Xtra Airways.

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