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Get Quick Solutions for Dell Laptop Customer Service Number?

Dell laptop or computer is the widely used device for storing data, accessing various applications and incorporating internet work. The device comes with all the latest configurations and the user gets all the drivers along with device when bought. Battery backup and performance is much higher than many laptops in the market and the device has higher longevity. Updates are available for the device regularly and user need to download that from the Dell support website.

Also there are many common problems that the user may come across while using the device. Some of the common problems that the user might face at the first instance are not able to configure the OS correctly or problem in updating the drivers. These are just two common problems that the users reach out at the early stage. This article will discuss some of the common issues with the laptop and for advanced troubleshooting it is advised to dial the Dell technical support number.

How to Contact Dell Technical Support Number ?

Given below are 6 common problems along with their possible troubleshooting steps –

Frayed Charger Cord

Power cord takes a tough toll as it is being plugged and un-plugged several times in a day. It is important to fix a damaged cord quickly as it might lead to damage of system’s battery or any fire hazard. A new power cord will cost less and it is advisable to take a new cord for the device which the user can get at cheap rates in the market.

Crack in the laptop case

It might happen Notebook has fallen from the user’s hand and there is some damage in the laptop case. Fill the broken part of the case with epoxy which is available online. Clean the damaged part and fix the case by using putty in the damaged part.

Problem in laptop fan

A noisy fan effects the device performance gradually and it also causes overheat. User can attach external fan for cooling the device or else dial Dell laptop customer service number to get best solutions for the device fan issue.

Stuck key in Laptop

Broken key is a common problem and the best solution for the device is by replacing the Dell laptop keyboard or else attach an external keyboard for work. Take the device to the Dell support center to fix the key’s problem.

Scratched screen

Broken screen or scratch in the screen is the common phenomenon in the device. Scratches can be removed using toothpaste. Gently rub toothpaste in in the scratched area and rub that area with the soft cloth. Get best solutions over Dell laptop toll free number. Call the experts and ask for instant assistance over the issue.

Dell Laptop Customer Support Number

Laptop screen is blank

Check the adapter’s power and test the laptop LCD is the System Setup (BIOS). Try booting into Enable VGA Mode and more information of different external ports connect an external monitor. Dial the helpline number to get best alternative solution for the laptop screen issue.


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