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Shenzhen Airlines Customer Service Number

Shenzhen airlines is one of the very famous airline of Shenzhen that is basically headquartered in Shenzhen Bao’an international airport in the district of Bao’on Shenzhen, Guangdong. So just in case you are looking for an airline that could serve you almost all over the world with the high comfort then you can always choose this airline. This is the airline that is one of the subsidiary of start alliance and serves around 74 destinations all over the globe, its parent organisation is the very famous official airline of china named as Air China. In order to know more about airline feel free to call on the Shenzhen Airlines Booking number.

Shenzhen Airlines Reservations Number

Now just in case you have booked the ticket with this airline but you do not know much about the airline and hence you have a number of queries related to this airline in your mind then in that case do not panic since there is nothing that could not be solved. The airline has provided you the most supporting staff as the representative with whom, you can easilye get in touch as you call on Shenzhen Airlines Reservations Number. This is the number that will definitely help you out in getting all the answers to reservations.

So in any form of issues you should always get in touch with the people of the airline since they are always there to help the travellers like you. There are a number of ways by which you can get the easy assistance but you have to choose the one that is most suited to you at that time.

Few ways are mentioned here:-

  1. One of the common way of reaching the experts is to call on the Shenzhen Airlines Customer support number.
  2. As you call on this number, they will ask you about all the issue that you are facing.
  3. Followed by telling you the right information about the issue that you may be facing.
  4. If that does not help then you can also mail your query to the official support mail site of the airline to get the best information.

If you have any query about the refund or the cancellation of your ticket then you are free to call on the Shenzhen Airlines helpline number. By calling here you can easily seek the right guidance from the representative of the airline in just few minutes. And all this you can get at your fingertips and totally free of cost.

Worldwide Shenzhen Airlines Customer Support Number

International / regional Name Phone number Fax Address
Singapore CA Singapore Sales Department 065-62252177 065-62257546 #20-21 Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place
Osaka Osaka Sales Department 0081-6-62635333/62635317 0081-6-62635338 1F, Osaka Sakaisuji Bldg.2-13, Bakuromachi-2-Chome,Chuo-Ku,Osaka, 541-0059, Japan
Tokyo Tokyo Sales Department 0081-3-52510711/869 0081-3-52510858/52510867 Bldg, 2-5-2 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan
Seoul Seoul Sales Department 0082-2-7746886 0082-2-7739233 7th Floor, Sunhwa-Building, 5-2 Sunhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul,Korea
Taipei Taipei Sales Department 00886-2-81011196 00886-2-27181900 Room B, 4F, No.134, East Minsheng Road,No.105, Taipei
Hong Kong CA Hong Kong Sales Department 00852-39709000 00852-21119560 Room 907-910, 9F, China Resources Building, No.26, Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
ZH Hong Kong Sales Department 00852-25452345 00852-28400609 Room 1117, Peninsula Centre, No.67, Mody Road, Kowloon, Tsimshatsui, Hongkong
Domestic Sales Departments Name Phone number Fax Address
Beijing Xiba River Ticket Office 010-64476667,64222473 010-64222473 Room 812, C6 Building of Yingte Flat, No.28, Xiba River Xili housing estate, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Airport T3 Counter -- -- The head of Island F (FS01-FS04), 4F, Terminal T3, Beijing Capital International Airport
Shanghai Xujiahui Ticket Office 021-52980091/52980093 021-54070204 Room 1107, South Building of Huiyin Square, No.2088, Huashan Road, Shanghai
Hongqiao Airport Counter -- -- Counter 307 on the opposite side of Door No.3, Terminal T2, Hongqiao Airport
Pudong Airport Ticket Office -- -- Island J between Doors No.27 and 28, Terminal T2, Pudong Airport
Tianjin Airport Counter -- -- The head of Island F, Door No.5, Terminal T2, Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Tianjin Ticket Office 022-23337101 022-23331040 Room 801, Block B, Jingyan Building, No.109, South Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Chongqing Airport Island F Ticket Office -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Counter directly opposite to Door No.9, Departure Hall, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
Shenzhen Sanjian Counter 0755-82932194/83428440 0755-82932557 CA Sales Department, 1F, Building A, Xinzhuyuan, Nonglin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel Ticket Office 0755-33398971 0755-33398970 2F, Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel, Middle Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Xinyuan Ticket Office 0755-82352630/82351611 0755-82351611 Right side of the Lobby, Shenzhen Guest House (Xinyuan Building), No.15, Xinyuan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Nanshan Ticket Office 0755-26090738/26090722 0755-26090431 深1F, Pilot Flat, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (518052)
Science and Technology Park Ticket Office 0755-26636691/26549204 0755-26633552 17F, Block A, Shennan Garden, Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Airport Counter -- -- Island G, H, Departure Lobby (enter from Door No.7), Departure Hall, 4F, New Terminal, Baoan International Airport, Shenzhen
Guangzhou Baiyun District Ticket Office 020-86078213 020-86078212 Lobby, Block B, Suijing Building, No.581, Tangjing Street, Jichang Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Island M Airport Counter -- -- No.9-10 counters of Island M: No.9-10 counters opposite to Door No.15, Departure Hall, Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou
Dongguan Nancheng Ticket Office 0769-22495080/22853385 0769-22855791 Shop 106, Building A, First International Baian Center, Nancheng, Dongguan
Zhanjiang Zhanjiang Ticket Office 0759-2337007/2227577 0759-2110636 Room 401, Building No.7, Wanhaoshijia, No.6, Lvmin Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang
Zhuhai Airport Counter -- -- No.2 Counter, Check-in Island E, Departure Hall, 2F, Jinwan Airport, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong
Downtown Ticket Office 0756-8894010 -- ZH Sales Department, No.2-9, Jianyewu Road, Jiuzhou Avenue (middle part), Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Other cities of Guangdong Province Zhongshan Jinghua Ticket Office 0760-88884900/88884910 0760-88234737 Room 103, Zhongcheng Building, No.41, Zhongshan 2nd Road
Huizhou Ticket Office 0752-2224211 0752-2229667 North Door, Huizhou Hotel, No.17, West Huancheng 2nd Road, Huizhou
Nanning Development Ticket Office 0771-2192197 0771-2192199 1F, right side of Development Building, No.111, Minzu Avenue, Nanning
Gaoxin Ticket Office 0771-3859777 0771-3859777 1F, Chuangye Building, No.1, Huoju Road, Nanning
International Counter 0771-2192190 0771-2192199 11F, Development Building, No.111, Minzu Avenue (east part), Nanning
Airport Counter -- -- Island E, opposite to the Gate 5, 3F, Departure Hall, Terminal 2, Nanning Wuyu International Airport
Guilin Sales Department 0773-2850508 0773-2859838 No.518, Nanfang Building, No.39, Zhongshan Road, Guilin
Kunming Downtown Ticket Office 0871-63115662 0871-63115662 Room 903, Block B, Moer Building, Chuncheng Road, Kunming
Airport Ticket Office -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Counter, District D, Door No.4, 3F, Changshui International Airport
Chengdu Shangding Ticket Office 028-86695080 028-86695081 Room 1305, Block B, No.1 Building, Shangding International, No.27, 4th section of South Renmin Road, Chengdu
Airport Ticket Office -- -- No.84-86 Counters (Islands P, Q) (opposite to Door No.12), Terminal T2, Shuangliu International Airport
Guiyang Sales Department 0851-5805856 0851-5828418 Room C, 22F, Zhongtian Business Harbor, Dusi Road, Guiyang
Airport Counter -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Counter, Island D, opposite to Door No.14, Terminal T2, Guiyang Airport
Changsha Changsha Ticket Office 0731-84460737/84460747 0731-84460747 Room 1011, Diyidadao Office Building, No.2 West Wuyi Road, Changsha
Airport Counter -- -- North Counter 12 (between Door No.1 and Door No.2), Terminal T2, Changsha Airport
Wuhan Sales Department 027-85495111/222 027-85495422 Room 1402, Block B, Penghu Flat, Taipei Road, Wuhan
Airport Counter -- -- No.30, 31 Counters (right side of Door No.3, Departure Hall), Departure Hall, Terminal T2
Yichang Yichang Ticket Office 0717-6456114 0717-6456855 Room 1402, Jinjiang Ginza, No.129, Yanjiang Avenue, Wujia District, Yichang
Nanchang Downtown Ticket Office 0791-86665590 0791-86496367 27F, Block B, Building 16, Hengmao International City, No.205, South Guangchang Road, Xihu District, Nanchang
Airport Counter -- -- No.4 Counter, 2F, Terminal T2, Changbei Airport
Fuzhou Lianjiang Road Ticket Office 0591-87111009 0591-83678217 Room 1201, Yuyang Zhongyang Jindi Office Building, No.98, Bayiqi Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Airport Counter -- -- No.8 Counter, Airport Lounge
Xiamen Xiamen Ticket Office 0592-5881711 0592-3776377 Room C, 12F, Jinshan Building, No.862, Xiahe Road, Xiamen
Airport Counter -- -- No.11 Counter, Door No.14, Departure Hall, 2F, Terminal T4, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
Quanzhou Quanzhou Ticket Office 0595-29013666 0595-29013676 13F, Quanzhou SDIC Building, No.361 Fengze Street, Fengze District
Jinjiang Airport Ticket Office -- -- B1 Shenzhen Airlines Counter, Door No.2, Domestic Departure Hall, Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport
Hangzhou Pinghai Road Ticket Office 0571-88056686/87078112 0571-87078112 Room 805, Pinghaiwangjiao Building, No.58, Pinghai Road, Hangzhou
Airport Counter -- -- No.10 Counter, left side of Door No.2, Departure Hall, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
Taizhou Sales Department 057688886234 057688885234 Room B, 23F, Xintaizhou Building, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou
Wuxi Shenzhen Airlines Wuxi Base Ticket Office 0510-85136560/88215767 /82757970/85228330 /85228359/88214767 -- Ticket Counter, the front desk of Shenzhen Airlines Wuxi Base, No.299, Lihu Avenue, Binhu District, Wuxi
Airport Counter -- -- Island between Door No.6 and Door No.7, Departure Hall, 2F, Terminal T2, Wuxi Airport
Yangzhou / Taizhou Airport Counter -- -- Right by Door No.3, 2F, Lounge, Taizhou Airport
Nantong Nantong Ticket Office 0513-89085010 0513-85515086 No.168, Haodong Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong
Nantong Airport Ticket Office -- -- In the lounge of Nantong Xingdong Airport
Nanjing Sales Department 025-84293996 025-84293591 Room 601-602,Block B,No.300, Changfa Center, East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing
Airport Counter -- -- Door No.2 (opposite to Island B), Departure Hall, Terminal T2, Nanjing Lukou Airport
Changzhou New Zone Ticket Office (including international tickets) 0519-85130463/88888767 0519-88888737 Room 306, 3F, Xinbei Transportation Management Office, No.258, South Tongjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou
Shenzhen Airlines Airport Counter -- -- Lounge of Changzhou Benniu Airport, three kilometers from Luo Shu Wan exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway
Hefei Downtown Ticket Office 0551-62631578/62629511 0551-62616428 Room 1406, Block A, Xincheng International Building, Intersection of South 2nd Ring Road and Qianshan Road, Zhengwu District, Hefei
Xinqiao Airport Ticket Office -- -- Ticket Counter of Island B, Departure Hall, Hefei Xinqiao Airport Terminal
Qingdao Qingdao Downtown Counter 0532-80775080 0532-80775082 Room 1001, Bandao Metropolitan Newspaper Office Building, No.110, Nanjing Road, Qingdao
Airport Counter -- -- No.08 Counter, Island C, Qingdao Liuting International Airport
Jinan and other cities Agricultural Building Ticket Office 0531-82386787 0531-82386787 6F, Agricultural Building, No.21, Minziqian Road, Licheng District, Jinan
Yaoqiang Airport Counter -- -- No.14 Counter, Door No.5 and Door No.6, 3F, Yaoqiang Airport, Licheng District, Jinan
Linyi Airport Counter -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Counter, Door No.1 Linyi Airport, No.1, Airport Road, Linyi
Taiyuan Taiyuan Ticket Office 0351-2527653 0351-8721221 Room 2104, Gaoxin Dongli Harbor, No.226, Changzhi Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan
Airport Counter -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Ticket Count, at the center of the 2F Hall, Terminal T1, Taiyuan Airport
Yantai Yantai Airport Counter 0535-5139854 -- Opposite to the Check-in Area B, 2F, Yantai Penglai International Airport
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Sales Department 0371-65945566  0371-65947888 No.512, 5F, Jincheng International Trade Building, No.60 Zijinshan Road, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou
Airport Ticket Office -- -- No.6, No.7 Ticket Counters, Islands DE, Domestic Departure Hall, Terminal T2, Xinzheng Airport
Shenyang Zhongshan Ticket Office 024-83861517 024-83861516 1F, Liyuan Flat, South Gate of Zhongshan Park, Nansanma Road, Heping District, Shenyang
Airport Counter -- -- The head of Island B (opposite to Door No.5), Departure Hall, Terminal T3, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
Dalian Dalian Ticket Office 0411-82595677/82595080 0411-82597299 No.23, Renmin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian
Airport Counter -- -- Door No.10, 2F, Lounge, Dalian Airport
Changchun Changchun Ticket Office 0431-88511747/88511737 0431-88511787 Room 2202, Runtian International, Kangping Street, Changchun
Harbin Harbin Ticket Office 0451-55539888 0451-55580355 Room 1805, Dikang Wealth Building, No.162-1 Zhongshan Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin
Airport Counter -- -- No.52 Counter (opposite to the entrance of international flights), 2F, Lounge
Xi'an Yuxiangmen Ticket Office 029-87922267/68 029-87922414 East to Guangren Temple, Lianmeng Lane, Yuxiangmen, Lianhu District, Xi'an
Airport Counter -- -- No.16, 17 Counters, Terminal T2, Xi'an Xianyang Airport
Lanzhou Lanzhou Downtown Ticket Office 0931-8440880 0931-8440860 16F, Block A, Min'an Building, Nanguanshizi, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Xining Downtown Sales Department 0971-8234155 0971-8234155 Santian Century Square, No.40, West Street, Xining
Yinchuan Yinchuan Ticket Office 0951-5617338 0951-6073737 Room 507, Building C, Yinchuan International Trade Center, Xingqing District, Yinchuan
Urumchi Urumchi Ticket Office 0991-4611177 0991-4612277 15F, Chengjian Building, No.133, Nanhu Road, Urumchi
Airport Counter -- -- Terminal T2, Diwobao International Airport, Urumchi
Hohhot Hohhot Ticket Office 0471-6678393 0471-5255380 Room 816, Yingjia International Business Building, South Xilin Road, Xincheng District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Airport Counter -- -- Shenzhen Airlines Ticket Counter, Island D, Baita International Airport, Hohhot
Haikou Airport Counter -- -- Opposite to Door No.3, 2F, Departure Hall, Haikou Meilan Airport
Sanya ZH Sanya Sales Department 0898-88690843 0898-88263935 Room 901, Bihai International Building, Hedong Road, Sanya
Hong Kong Sales Department 00852-25452345/28990210 00852-28400609 Room 1117, 11F Peninsula Center, Mody Road, Tsimshatsui
Wenzhou Airport Ticket Office -- -- Right side of Door No.2, Domestic Departure Hall, Longwan International Airport, Wenzhou
Jingdezhen Sales Department 0798-8270080 -- Room 0804, Taihaolongyuan Office Building, Changnan Avenue, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi
Ningbo Airport Ticket Office -- -- Left side of Door No.5, Ningbo Lishe Airport
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