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McAfee Antivirus Customer Service Number

McAfee Antivirus is one of the most commonly used antivirus in the world that helps in keeping the software secure from the external attacks. McAfee help in keeping the system safe and secured. Antivirus is a set of program that is designed to remove viruses, malwares or any malicious or corrupted program that might damage the proper working of the software. The antivirus damage the internal software of the computer system thus hindering the proper working of the systems. McAfee provides the latest antivirus software, spyware removal and internet security for your home or home office. More than just anti-virus, McAfee Total Protection safeguards your identity and helps make sure your private life stays that way. there's no greater reward than helping to keep you safe and protected.

McAfee offers a number of professional services, including emergency incident response, product deployment and optimization, product and security education, and security consulting.

  1. Emergency Incident Response
  2. North America/Latin America/Asia: 1-877-913-6863
  3. Europe/Middle East: +44 1753 217499
  1. Solution Services
  2. For information or a quote regarding implementation services.
  1. Foundstone Professional Services
  2. For information or a quote regarding security consulting.
  3. Product and Security Training

What are the technical issues being faced by the users?

The users may contact McAfee Antivirus Customer Service for getting proper solution for the issues that the user might be facing while using McAfee antivirus. Some of the technical glitches that the users might be facing while maig use of McAfee antivirus are as follows:

  1. The users may be facing issue in installing the software program. 
  2. Then the users may face technical issues in updating the McAfee software.
  3. The users might face certain issue in getting the key of the antivirus.
  4. There can be certain issue in activating the McAfee antivirus.

McAfee Antivirus Tech Support Number

The stated are some of the technical issues being faced by the users of McAfee antivirus. The users may contact McAfee Antivirus Technical Support for getting the right assistance from the experts who will provide the right guidance to fix the issue being  faced by the users.

How to contact the McAfee Antivirus technical team?

The users may dial McAfee Antivirus Helpline Number in order to contact the technical team for assistance. The users will be provided with the right solution step to resolve the issues. These experts are well trained and possess a lot of knowledge in fixing the issue being faced by the users.

1- Support Contacts
United States

  1. Business Support (Including McAfee SaaS Products)
  2. Customer Service
  3. For assistance with non-technical questions, including product activations, license enquiries, grant numbers, support entitlements, and ServicePortal passwords, our Customer Support team can help online or via phone.
  4. Corporate Customer Service Request Form
  5. Tel: 1-888-847-8766.

2- Tech Support

  1. Customers requiring technical assistance on products with a valid Business Support Grant can reach our Technical Support team online or via phone.
  2. Website:
  3. Tel: 1-800-937-2237

3- Home & Home Office Support

  1. Our Customer Support team is standing by to help you over the phone, through online chat, or our community forums. You can also use self-help options, including McAfee Virtual Technician and FAQs.
  2. Website:
  3. Tel: 1-866-622-3911

4- Total Satisfaction Promise

  1. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your McAfee Support experience, please submit a case online to our Executive Escalations team and let us make things right. We will take ownership of your problem until it is resolved. That's the McAfee promise!

FcAfee Antivirus Media Contacts

To reach a member of the press or analyst relations team please use the email address below that corresponds to your country or region. Please note that these email addresses are monitored by McAfee Public Relations only. They are not intended for support-related inquiries. Customers will receive a more expedient and expert response by clicking the Support tab above.

United States and Latin America


Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Asia Pacific


McAfee Antivirus official Sales Numbers 

For all your sales needs, our team is ready to help.

Corporate Sales
Phone: 1-888-847-8766

Small Business Sales
Phone: 1-888-VIRUS-NO (1-888-847-8766) 
Buy Online

Home & Home Office
Phone: 1-866-622-3911 
Website: Buy Online

Encryption Solutions

System Protection - McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
Phone: 1-888-847-8766



Education K-12

Higher Education


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