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How To Resolve Mozilla Firefox Problems: Confidential Tips ?

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service is trusted and followed by millions of users. It is engaged providing immensely helpful support services without taking much time. Even you are open to access this customer service for any clarification or justification. It is promised to help the browsing lovers with an exclusive range of services all around the year. Here we have the list of top 10 areas handled by Mozilla Firefox Customer Service. Go through this list once and get a complete knowledge about the same.

The Services Provided by Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

  1.       How to update Mozilla Firefox?
  2.       How to make Mozilla Firefox into default Browser?
  3.       How to Delete Mozilla Firefox History?
  4.       How to Access Advanced Settings in Firefox?
  5.       How to Make Mozilla my Default Browser?
  6.       How Do I Change My Email Password in Mozilla Thunderbird™?
  7.       How to Download and Install Mozilla Thunderbird™ Automatically?
  8.       How to Remove Ads from Mozilla Firefox Using Adblock Plus?
  9.       How to recover deleted history in Mozilla Firefox?
  10.      How do I delete cache, cookies, and temporary files in Firefox?

How to Update Mozilla Firefox?

  1.       Open the [Mozilla Firefox] browser
  2.       Go to the top-left corner of the home page, click on the Firefox button
  3.       Move your mouse towards the [Help] menu
  4.       Press the Alt key if the menu bar is not visible
  5.       The selection of [About Firefox] is suggested to you now
  6.       You will see the [Download Update] if a download is available
  7.       Further action is required if you don't see the [Download Update]
  8.       Firefox will install the downloaded updates automatically
  9.       The installation progress will be shown on the screen
  10.       [Restart to Update] is the last job you have to do

How to Make Mozilla Firefox into Default Browser?

  1.       Open [Mozilla Firefox]
  2.       Go to the [Menu] section after
  3.       Choose [Options] and move into the [General] pane
  4.       The [Make Default] option will appear
  5.       It has to be selected
  6.       You will get the [Windows Settings] application on your screen
  7.       Under the [Web Browser] option, the [Entry] icon will appear
  8.       Access [Choose your Default Browser], after that
  9.       You will now get the chance to make [Mozilla Firefox] as your default browser
  10.       Close the window to save the changes

How to Delete Mozilla Firefox History?

  1.       Open [Mozilla Firefox]
  2.       Access the [Menu] button
  3.       Select the [Options], and [Privacy Panel] buttons
  4.       Using [Custom Settings] for history deletion
  5.       Now you are supposed to choose the [History]
  6.       Going forward, the [Settings] options has to be pressed
  7.       Specify the [kind of history] you want to delete
  8.       Hitting the [Clear Now] key is the next job
  9.       Let the browser to delete the selected history 
  10.       Close the preferences page now

How Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Delivers its Services?

A helpline number is there that is helping the customer support in catering the entire range of services it is committed to cater. This is a twenty-four hours helpline number which is following six sigma methodologies in delivering the services. Hence, Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Number is immensely helpful. In actual, this number is connecting the browsing lovers with the browsing experts. It is accurate in delivery and effortless in serving. So, you should not be bothered if any browsing problem attacks you. Mozilla Firefox Helpline Number is always there to assist you.

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